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Division of Parker Hannifin launches LIQUIfit 150°C for Food and Beverage Industry

The Low Pressure Connectors Europe Division of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion and control technologies, has launched LIQUIfit, a brand new “eco-designed” range of leak-free and compact push-in fittings, tubing, and complementary products for liquid transfer applications. The LIQUIfit range is suitable for many liquid transfer applications, such as:

  • Food processes
  • Water purification systems
  • Food dispensers
  • Hot and cold drink dispensers
  • Professional and Domestic coffee machines.

Development of new product range

The OEM business unit of the Low Pressure Connectors Division Europe of Parker Hannifin has developed a new product range designed specifically for Coffee Machine producers or hot beverage applications.

The new LIQUIFIT Connectors range, dedicated for alimentary fluids, is now offering solutions up to +150°C and is meeting most of Food, Water and Beverage certifications, which showcases the use and relevance of this new product range.

The benefits of the LIQUIFIT range

Since the LIQUIFIT division of Parker was the smart inventor of push-to-connect technology, we as a whole business dedicating ourselves to striving in regards to designing, manufacturing, and customising easy-to-assemble, innovative fluid handling solutions which can be distributed anywhere across the globe.

Not only is LIQUIFIT compact, able to ensure full flow, and easy to install with its push-in technology, but the product range is eco-designed and produced with plastic raw material free from phthalates and endocrine disruptors.

The LIQUIFIT solution for coffee machines

We are proud to say that our Dedicated Connection Solutions for Coffee Machines, made from Polyamide and Stainless steel, are the unique solution on the market, which at the same time can perform up to 120°C and comply with most of Food, Water and beverages certifications like NSF, FDA, KTW-W270, WRAS, ACS, and so many more.

Now, if you need to perform up to +150C°, we can now offer LIQUIFIT Cartridges and Stud fittings on diameter 4mm and 6mm, typical connectors for Coffee machines. Our high temperature Cartridges with o’ring integrated save space and assembly time, and are the best known solutions into the market.

Additionally, these solutions are free from Endocrine Disruptors, are 100% leak tested, and are specifically made to withstand high temperatures.

The LIQUIFIT solution for coffee machines can be exactly the innovative solution that businesses are looking for, especially if they are specialists in the food and beverage industry.

Company Profile

Parker Hannifin SSD Drives Division Europe

We add value to our customers’ applications from many different angles with our comprehensive range of AC & DC drive products and services, and our focused engineering capabilities.

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