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Bürkert’s 4 industrial flow control customer segments

Wouldn’t life be altogether simpler if equipment manufacturers segmented their products based on their customers’ applications? Well, that’s exactly what Bürkert has done, with a forward-thinking segmentation concept designed to make life easier for you.

The marketing concept of segmentation is used to focus a company's resources on target groups. Typically, these are often based on demographics or industries. However, Bürkert has taken the unique step of designating four distinct industrial flow control segments based on applications as key focus points regardless of industry.

Segmentation concept

This ensures the most efficient and reliable solutions created within one of the four groups – Water, Gas, Hygienic and Micro – to be applied across a range of flow control industries. In this way, the expertise of the designers and engineers can be used more efficiently and advances made in fluid control for one industry can be easily transferred to another.

Water flow control instrumentation

This segment combines all the knowledge and experience gathered over decades of work in controlling water flow, whether that be in reverse osmosis, cooling water and waste water treatment. With a wide range of valves, controllers, dosing systems, piloting, flow measurement, temperature, pH and level sensors, a huge range of products are available that are specifically designed for use in the entire control loop. Using these products and the company’s UK panel shop, supported by the design department in Germany, Bürkert UK can design and create solutions for even the most complex of flow control situations.

Gas control solutions

With extensive knowledge in the control and regulation of gases, the specialists at Bürkert can develop precise and, if necessary, complex gas control solutions. Expertise covers managing inert gases, explosive and corrosive gases in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. With such a wide variety of applications already completed – such as plasma cutter regulation, medical technology and gas analysis – Bürkert UK is able to understand and deliver the key requirements of each application.

Precise Hygienic solutions

Clients within this area include pharmaceutical and cosmetics firms, biotech, as well as food and beverage manufacturers, all of whom require exacting standards to be met. These industries require hygienic solutions with meticulous CIP and SIP cleaning regimes, for example, which can be accomplished using precisely controlled media by a range of products developed for this demanding environment. Both materials technology and experience combine here to allow Bürkert to find the ideal solution.

State-of-the-art Micro solutions

The world of industrial flow control on a micro-scale may be small scale, but the technology is state-of-the-art and Bürkert has a segment dedicated to this subject alone. The product range covers tiny valves, dosing pumps, shut-off valves and bespoke valve manifolds designed for micro flow applications. For applications in clinical diagnosis, DNA analysis, laboratory automation, even industrial inkjet printing and vending machines, a dedicated team of experienced engineers can assess the process control requirements and deliver them in the most compact and efficient design.
Helen Christopher, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland said:

We came to realise that segmentation purely by industry or product has limited benefits to our customers. For this reason, we organised our four segments into strategies for solving frequently posed technical tasks and problems related to our customers' real applications. Our knowledge base is constantly growing and, when that is combined with our extensive product portfolio, we are able to develop modular and customised solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Each segment employs the three guiding principles of the company; experience, courage and closeness to ensure that the customer’s requirements and expectations are always met. Moreover, the whole process, from concept to final production, is seamless. By maintaining excellent communication with the customer, and using the vast experience of the engineers, the development of a new flow control system can be realised and put into production in the most efficient manner.

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