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Bürkert valve reinvigorates shower manufacturer’s control systems

Wake up. Hit the shower. It's cold. Warming...slowly. Hotter. Perf-heck! TURN OFF THE TAP! This is a scene that's all too familiar for most of us. Not so for customers of bathroom and kitchen experts Dornbracht, who turned to Bürkert for the latest valve and actuator technology to design a premium shower control system that washes away any temperature fluctuation worries.

Fluid control solutions

Controlling the temperature and pressure of modern shower flows, within a restricted space, requires expert design input. That is exactly why Dornbracht's designers called on Bürkert's engineering prowess to design a unique control system that would deliver the ultimate in active temperature and pressure control.

Bürkert Type 6144 pilot valves

Their combined expertise resulted in the development of the eValve; an electronic thermostatic valve that provides extremely accurate temperature and pressure control. At it's core, delivering its fast response time and highly accurate temperature control, are Bürkert's Type 6144 pilot valves and a special actuator

The compact design of the pilot valves ensures that each unit occupies a minimal space. Yet they are clever enough to compensate for the use of other hot and cold water systems, maintaining the preferred temperature and pressure of the shower at all times.

The eValve comprises two proportional valves, an integrated flow sensor, temperature sensors and an electronic controller. The proportional valves use the data from the sensors and the requested temperature and pressure settings to deliver the perfect shower experience.

Innovative and effective fluid control solutions

The reliability of the eValve is assured by Bürkert's vast experience in designing fluid control solutions for applications as varied as food and pharmaceutical production to gas burners and coffee machines.

As a process control manufacturer that already spends a considerable amount of its turnover on R&D and developing new technology, in addition to modifying existing products and technologies to achieve improved solutions and designs, Bürkert is uniquely placed to collaborate with partners to develop innovative and effective bespoke fluid control solutions.

For more information, please visit www.burkert.co.uk.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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