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Bürkert Type 2000 angle seat valve review

With the advent of the new and improved Bürkert Type 2000, PIF decided to take a closer look at this latest incarnation of this high performance pneumatically actuated angle seat valve. Boasting a space-saving valve body design, exceptionally competitive price points and an assortment of control heads, feedback units and stroke limiters, there is much to admire in this latest Bürkert solenoid valve.

With such a successful history as Bürkert’s angle seat valve Type 2000, it was imperative for the fluid control experts to reproduce the same or higher levels of reliability and accuracy in this latest model. We’re happy to report that they’ve succeeded. This latest version, of what is an enduring design, promises a cost-effective solution that incorporates a wide range of high quality, fully tested valve body and valve seat materials.

Bürkert Type 2000 solenoid valve

The externally piloted Bürkert 2000 series is operated with a single or double-acting piston actuator and is available in a stainless steel or gunmetal housing with threaded, clamped or welded connection. High flow rates are attained with the virtually straight flow path and the reliable self–adjusting packing gland provides high sealing integrity. These maintenance-free, robust valves ensure a long service life and can be retrofitted with a comprehensive range of accessories for position indication, stroke limitation or manual override.

Bürkert Type 2000 pneumatically actuated angle seat valve

Bürkert’s designers specified valve spindle seals manufactured from PTFE as standard, but these can also be delivered with FKM or PEEK seals and wipers. The seal on the actual valve seat is typically made from PTFE, though other options include: NBR, EPDM and FKM. All of which offer additional benefits for certain applications.

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Angle seat valve selection

The angle seat valve is a crowded, competitive market, with several similarly specified products vying for your attention. Comparative products, ranging from the E290 from ASCO Numatics, to the Buschjost 84500 and SMC’s VXB215, offer similar form and function with a few subtle differences. Stainless steel body construction is available on all barring Buschjost’s offering, which favours dezincification resistant brass. While PTFE seal types are the norm, except for SMC who favour FKM. Again, what you’ll find across the board is compact, space saving designs and largely comparable performance; with maximum operating pressures of 16 bar, high flow rates and maximum media temperatures up around the +180°C mark.

So why would you opt for the Bürkert Type 2000 over and above their closest competitors? Especially if you have been specifying the same angle seat valve product for years? It’s a valid question. As with most purchasing decisions, these things are purely subjective. However, there are several factors that give move Bürkert the edge, as we’ll outline below.

Bürkert angle seat valves

Firstly, the Bürkert Type 2000 performs extremely competitively in direct cost comparisons. Bürkert have delivered cheaper price points than Buschjost across all valve sizes, and greater affordability than ASCO among the smaller valve models. Invest in a Bürkert Type 2000 valve and you’ll receive premium performance and precision, without the premium price tag. Furthermore, due to the exceptional reliability of the Type 2000, you can expect to reap further cost savings due to lower maintenance and replacement requirements.

Secondly, by choosing Bürkert, you’re buying into a brand with proven provenance and experience at the forefront of fluid control, built over more than 70 years. As such, their technical advice is second to none. Bürkert’s engineers offer detailed advice on the most suitable options, based on your application. Whether you need a single component, or a complex system solution, they focus on delivering optimum process reliability, efficiency and economy. With their certified quality system, in accordance with ISO 9000 – 9004, Bürkert manage to do it right and on time, every time.

Finally, Bürkert’s innovative approach to your success is to secure your process efficiency, lower your downtime, increase your safety and ultimately boost your competitive advantage. With a move to Bürkert, and their Type 2000 angle seat valve, you’ll not only benefit from their cutting edge technological know-how, but you’ll also find that they’re a fluid control expert who truly listens to and understands your requirements; delivering optimal solutions that are as individual as your application.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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