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Bürkert Mass Flow Controllers for gases

Any application that requires accurate control and measurement of gas in a system requires systems that are equally precise. Bürkert manufactures mass flow controllers, specifically with these applications in mind. Here, Process Industry Forum offers more information about Bürkert mass flow controllers for gases, explaining their features and what makes them stand out from competitors.

Gas mass flow controllers from Bürkert

Bürkert, have manufactured a plethora of mass flow controllers, specifically for gas applications. With over ten different types of Bürkert MFC’s available from stock, they have a solution to suit any application.

All of Bürkert’s mass flow controller are manufactured using the most robust, high performance materials and feature high accuracy. Below are just some of the featured Bürkert MFC products:

Type 8742

This mass flow controller for gases is intended for use in the BüS or CANopen network. Featuring high accuracy and repeatability, the mass flow controller also has a protection class of IP65.

The Type 8742 is especially designed for use in harsh environments due to its high protection class, making the component explosion proof and therefore suitable for use in ATEX environments.

This mass flow controllers for gases can be configured as MFM or MFC, with the option to configure two different gases.

mass flow controllers for gases

Type 8711

The Type 8711 gas mass flow controller is most suited for gas applications that span a wide flow range. The MEMS sensor is located in the gas stream, therefore enabling fast response times. The integrated PI controller ensures outstanding control characteristics of the MFC. This mass flow controller is often used for burner controls, heat treatment, material coatings, bio reactors, fuel cell technology and test benches.

Gas mass flow controller

The Type 8711 features high accuracy and repeatability, with an optional fieldbus interface and very fast setting times. The nominal flow ranges are from 0.010 lN/min to 80 lN/min.

Choosing a Bürkert MFC

The gas mass flow controller you choose will largely depend on the application in question. For example, while the type 8742 is suited to harsher environments, the type 8711 can operate over a wider flow range.

To view the full range of mass flow controller products, visit the Bürkert website today, call 01285 648 720 or email [email protected].

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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