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Bürkert launches new throttle valves

Bürkert has announced the arrival of two new electromotive process valves. The Type 3361 globe valve and Type 3360 angle seat valve offer a brand new precision control solution without the need for compressed air, as PIF reports.

Designed as a complete unit, Bürkert throttle valves provide a robust, highly efficient solution suitable for applications in the food and beverage industry where reliability, precision and clean operation are also key factors.

Type 3361 globe valve and Type 3360 angle seat valve

For applications where a source of compressed air is either not available or not desirable, the implementation of electromotive valves can deliver a simple design and efficient operation, combined with the highest precision and smart diagnostics. The new valves are designed as a complete unit, specifically for operation in hygienic applications and are fully compatible with the ELEMENT valve actuator housings allowing existing pneumatic systems to be converted to electromotive.

Burkert electromotive valves

The new valves are available with either a globe valve (Type 3361), for the highest precision, or an angle seat valve (Type 3360), for more general applications. In both cases, the valve design is identical to the proven pneumatic valves that are known to provide reliable operation and excellent service life.

HMI display for configuring the valve settings

Externally, the control valve housing incorporates an illuminated LED ring which indicates the status of the valve and can be seen from any direction. In addition, there is a mechanical position indicator that shows the exact valve position, independent of any electrical system, and still works in the event of a power failure.

The actuator can be specified with an HMI display module that offers a rugged screen and buttons for configuring the valve settings. The valves can also be connected to automation networks, or for a more basic application, the HMI can be omitted and the fundamental functions of the valve can be operated via a series of four DIP switches and two buttons located under a cover on the top of the valve.

SAFEPOS energy pack ensures safe valve position

Communication with the new control valves is managed through the service connection, which enables the COMMUNICATOR software to configure the device, apply fault diagnosis and update software. There are also several fieldbus options, such as Ethernet/IP, Modbus and Profinet, which are provided through the fieldbus gateway.

An optional feature ensures a safe valve position is achieved in the event of a power failure, enabling processes to be halted with a minimum of disruption. The SAFEPOS energy pack allows the valve to be operated automatically to a predetermined position, from open to closed or anywhere in between. The energy pack, which has a nominal lifetime of around 10 years, is constantly monitored and its performance can be monitored through the network connection.

Quick acting, hygienic and precise control valves

The latest electromotive valves from Bürkert offer some of the quickest acting, hygienic and precise control valves in the market, without the additional costs or complications with air lines associated with pneumatically operated valves. For more information, visit www.burkert.co.uk.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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