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Bell Flow Systems innovative MX Series Oval Gear Flow Meters

Bell Flow Systems exhibited at the Drives & Controls Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in April 2014. The PIF team had the opportunity to interview their product specialist Tom Francis about the innovative products and systems they were exhibiting.

Tom Francis from Bell Flow Systems talks us through their innovative systems for Flow Measurement and Control, including their Cortex Flow Meter Displays, their Hydraulic Testing Units and finally their innovative range of Oval Gear Flow Meters. Bell Flow Systems offer a wide selection of Flow Meters, suitable for almost any application!

Cortex Flow Meter Displays

Some of their innovative products included their Cortex flow meter displays which combine ‘state of the art’ electronic engineering with innovative software design. Their displays offer a user-friendly menu interface allowing a single source for a wealth of metering and measurement information.

MX Series Oval Gear Flow Meters

Bell Flow were also exhibiting the new range of Quarter turn Macnuaght Flow Meters, dubbed “the most innovative and durable oval gear flow meter ever built”. The new MX series uses proven technology and a revolutionary modular designed; the oval gear flow meters have been specifically designed to maximize uptime.

Macnaught oval gear flow meters

The mounting arrangement of the display is really what sets this flow meter apart. The compact design and versatility of the M-Lock Mounting system, means the pulsers and displays can be installed and exchanged in less than 15 seconds without a single tool required.

The new Oval Flow Meters offer ultimate durability. Now machined from solid Billet (not case like previous models), the flow meters are resistant to wear, tear & corrosion. The MX Series high working pressure rating of 2000 psi is more than double that of previous models and the flow meters have a 25% increase in temperature rating of up to 150 C.

Read this product brochure to learn more about the MX Series Oval Flow Meters.

Company Profile

Bell Flow Systems Ltd

Bell Flow Systems are a UK based manufacturer and distributor of flow meters, Fluid transfer equipment and flow measurement solutions for virtually any application. Our solutions are cost effective and are designed to achieve a combination of accuracy and performance.

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