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Baumer’s HOG 86 encoder excels even in the harshest of environments

Heavy Duty market leader, Baumer's, new HOG 86 encoder is an encoder platform designed to deliver the highest standards of reliability and safety in the harshest environments.

Harsh ambient conditions, such as in steel plants, vertical lift bridges and at gantry cranes, demand the utmost of deployed encoders. Luckily, the new HOG 86 encoder, by Baumer Hübner, is an encoder platform to suit even the harshest industrial applications.

Encoder platform designed to deliver reliability and safety

Redundant signals for ultimate safety and availability

Two-channel detection of relative position or rotation speed, using two independent signal outputs, immediately identifies any machine or system error. HOG 86 M hosts two sensing systems which are fully independent from each other. As an option, redundant EMS functionality will additionally monitor the two sensing systems, which makes HOG 86 M the product of choice in safety-relevant applications.

Failsafe in any environment

The extremely sturdy housing, with minimum 10 mm wall thickness, is a prerequisite design benefit in reliable encoder operation. Special anti-corrosion coating also ensures seawater resistance in compliance with C4 protection. Specialised housing encapsulation and shaft seals enable longterm IP 66 protection and will reliably prevent the encoder from damage caused by penetration of dust, dirt or liquids. The encoder also reliably endures temperatures from -40 to +100 °C in long-term operation.

Protected against bearing damages and capable of high shaft loads

Insulated bearings, or optional hybrid bearings, safely compensate inductive shaft currents and prevent the electronics from damage by voltage impacts up to 2,5 kV. Hybrid bearings excel with an outstanding service life of 100,000 hours. Large, high-quality dual ball bearings compensate high radial and axial shaft loads and will ensure ultimate longevity thanks to their high load reserve potential.

Quick installation, less downtime

The optional Enhanced Monitoring System (EMS) monitors vital encoder functionalities throughout the entire speed range, easing error tracing and significantly cutting down expensive downtime. The multicolour LED provided at the encoder signals proper encoder supply and output driver operation, as well as encoder signal integrity, and the error output reports the encoder activity status. The EMS monitoring functionality will signal connection errors right away during installation and reduce commissioning times.

Perfect signal quality and proven sensing technique

High-performance, resilient output drivers ensure top signal quality over 500 m (TTL) respectively 300 m (HTL) cable routing. The interference-immune optical sensing technology by highly integrated OptoASIC defies major temperature fluctuations, and harsh ambient conditions, for consistently high signal quality and precise measuring results.

For more information please visit www.baumer.com/uk-en.

Company Profile

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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