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Baumer UK to partner with MGA Controls

Baumer UK is part of a family-owned company that operates on a global scale, with over 2,400 employees in 38 subsidiaries across 19 countries Worldwide. They are one of the leading producers of sensing and instrumentation products.

MGA Controls has been supplying the industry with quality products, solutions and services since 1986. Their philosophy focuses on working in partnership with their customers and suppliers to deliver the correct solution. The agreement between Baumer UK and MGA Controls works to strengthen this philosophy.

MGA Controls - A new Process Solutions Partner

Baumer UK is pleased to announce the appointment of MGA Controls, in Burscough, Lancashire, as a Process Solutions Partner in the UK. As a well-established Controls and Instrumentation specialist, with over 30 years of experience, MGA Controls is delighted to underline this commitment following their agreement with Baumer.

“Delivering the most appropriate application solutions”

PIF spoke with Jon Sumner, the Managing Director of Baumer UK, who stated; “This closer alignment between MGA Controls and Baumer provides us with greater access to MGA customers, ensuring a more targeted approach to promoting individual products and delivering the most appropriate application solutions”.

For more information on the range of Baumer UK sensors and instrumentation products, speak to their expert sales team on +44 (0)1793 783 839 or email [email protected].

“One-stop-shop for process product and technical application needs”

PIF also spoke with MGA Controls Sales Manager Chris Makin, who confirmed; “We represent a range of manufacturing partners and this agreement with Baumer means we can offer an even more comprehensive range of products which ultimately results in optimal control and automation systems for our customers. We now envisage being able to offer our customers a greater technical support presence in the UK, and a one-stop-shop for our process product and technical application needs”.

Speak to the team at MGA Controls to find out more about their first-class products, services and support by calling them on +44 (0)1704 779 239 or email [email protected].

Company Profile

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The Baumer Group is leading at international level in the development and production of sensors, shaft encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automatic image processing.

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