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Bently Nevada launches Orbit 60 Series machine monitoring platform

Bently Nevada, a subsidiary of Baker Hughes and a world leader in condition monitoring with over 60 years of experience, has unveiled its next-generation machine monitoring solution, the Orbit 60 Series. With 80 dynamic data channels and 100 times higher signal processing power than the industry average, this compact machine monitoring system delivers powerful analytics and failsafe cyber security for mission-critical assets.

Next-generation machine monitoring system

The Orbit 60 Series is Bently Nevada’s next-generation machine monitoring system, which equips operators with the right data and analytics to determine the health of their machines. It is the first intrinsically cyber-secure machinery monitoring system with a built-in data diode, which enables secure one-way data transfer from the device to Bently Nevada’s flagship machinery management software, System 1, for proactive monitoring and diagnostics.

The platform is SIL 2 and 3 certified API 670 compliant, meeting industry standards for safety and performance. The Orbit 60 Series enables operators to do more with less, offering 80 dynamic data channels compared to an industry average of 50, with 100 times higher signal processing power and a smaller physical footprint than the industry average.

It can be rack based or distributed and extended through a modular remote I/O system. Its scalable architecture allows it to connect to a wide range of assets, from highly critical machinery to general machinery in a variety of industries including oil and gas, power generation, renewables, steel, pulp and paper, and general industrials.

competitive machine monitoring

“Customers are looking for competitive machinery protection and monitoring solutions that not only will equip them with the right data and insights, but is flexible for future expansion,” said Terry Knight, president of Bently Nevada, BHGE.

“Orbit 60 Series offers powerful analytics with enhanced flexibility and scalability, along with a built-in cyber security feature, reducing overall investment cost and giving operators full visibility of a plant.”

“Next-generation industrial systems need to go beyond converging operational technology (OT) and information technology to include robust cybersecurity,” added Paula Hollywood, ARC Advisory Group senior analyst.

“With the Orbit 60 Series, Bently Nevada has leveraged its heritage as a technology innovator and has incorporated features needed for a strong future. Orbit 60 Series’ ability to provide a cyber secure device connection within a condition monitoring system provides an added level of confidence for mission-critical assets to meet 21st-century safety requirements.”

Orbit 60 Series features and benefits

Here’s a recap of all the headline features and benefits of Bently Nevada’s Orbit 60 Series:

Connects to flagship machinery management software for proactive monitoring and diagnostics, designed specifically for cybersecure machinery protection.

Connects to all major industrial machines, with applications ranging from oil and gas, to power and renewables, to general industrials.

Total of 80 dynamic data channels – sophisticated architecture offers enhanced versatility to allow management of the most complex applications in one single system.

This new machine monitoring solution complements Bently Nevada’s existing plant-wide offering, including their 3500 machine monitoring system. The 3500, which has 85,000 racks installed worldwide, will continue to be available as Bently Nevada’s proven condition monitoring platform and will have dedicated long-term service for customers globally.

Visit www.bently.com/Orbit60 to learn more.

Company Profile

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Bentley Nevada

A subsidiary of Baker Hughes, Bently Nevada is a world leader in condition monitoring with over 60 years of experience.

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