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Technology to improve patients’ lives in healthcare

The government will be investing over £17 million in funding, specifically in technology that could transform healthcare and greatly improve patients’ lives. These technologies include artificial intelligence for bed availability in hospitals, smart phone applications to improve the treatment of complex wounds and 3D printing to create tablets. In this article, PIF finds out how this competition takes the UK one step closer to revolutionising healthcare.

Innovations to make a difference

The projects that are collectively to receive over £17 million funding to develop their innovations are based throughout the UK, highlighting the breadth of strengths in addressing new and emerging issues in our world-leading healthcare industry.

Ian Campbell, Executive Chair of Innovate UK, for UK Research and Innovation said: “The projects we have funded today aim to make a real difference for patients and clinicians. They represent the very best of British innovation, focussing on improved patient outcomes and driving efficiency. The UK health sector is thriving, with SMEs playing a crucial role. By supporting this sector, as part of the government’s modern industrial strategy, we can ensure we remain global leaders in health innovation and create the jobs of tomorrow.”

He goes on to say, “The development of new and innovative technologies is changing the economy. Through the modern Industrial Strategy the government is committed to embracing emerging technology to transform industries and increase productivity, create new highly skilled jobs and improve living standards.”

Revolutionary technology

“Technology is revolutionising industries across our economy, and new innovations play a key role in advancing our healthcare sector to make sure people are living longer, healthier and happier lives,” says Business Secretary Greg Clark. “By pooling the expertise of the public and private sectors, as highlighted through the Life Sciences Sector Deal and the modern Industrial Strategy, we are making every opportunity to reach our full potential in finding new discoveries and technologies to diagnose illnesses earlier that could lead to more lives being saved.”

Greg Clark goes on to say, “The funding, through the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund managed by UK Research and Innovation, will also support efforts to enable antibodies to be taken orally rather than through invasive injections and increasing the range of medicines that can be delivered through skin patches.”

Each one of these innovations can make an incredible difference to the lives of patients in the UK as well as continue to move UK healthcare into the future.

A glance at some of the winners

Just a few examples of the technological possibilities coming out of this competition include:

• Kinosis – who will be working with UCL Hospitals NHS Trust, London, to use AI and digital visualisation technologies to improve surgical support and performance while assisting the standardisation of surgical procedures through better management of real-time information – the ‘Intelligent Operating Room’.

• Cadscan – who will be working with Chester Hospitals Trust to deliver a virtual reality platform using VR headsets to help people recover after a stroke.

“Innovative technology has the potential to truly transform healthcare for patients and staff. From artificial intelligence to VR to live tracking of hospital beds and equipment, there are so many ways in which the NHS is embracing tech,” says Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State of Health and Social Care. “We are determined to make the NHS the most technologically advanced healthcare system in the world and today’s prizes will help progress towards that goal.”

For more information on the winners of the Digital Health Catalyst competition contact gov.uk today.

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