Hygienic Valve Solutions with Bürkert

In industries where hygiene is essential, there is a demand for the equipment used to deliver superior performance. Hygienic valves are used to measure and control liquid and gas media, whilst supporting the effective maintenance of the mechanical process connectivity to ensure conditions remain both sterile and pure.

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems pride themselves on offering hygienic valves that provide high flow rates and long lifecycles, that are ideal for applications in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology processing industries. For more than 50 years the conventional hygienic valve solution was a 2-way diaphragm valve solution, whereby the process valve would join together with the diaphragm valve to secure two way for flow to enter. The challenge thrown-up by this is that where the two valves joined, there was dead internal volume and waste, which of course was not economical for the user.

Bürkert's 3 way hygienic valve solution

As a result, Bürkert has redesigned the traditional 2-way valve and created a 3 way hygienic valve solution that is more compact, reduces internal waste and reduces energy consumption. In this video, Bürkert tells us more about their 3 way hygienic valve solution, how its function differs from the conventional 2-way option, its features and of course the benefits.

Benefits of the Bürkert's 3 way valve solution

To summarise, some of the key benefits of the 3 way hygienic valve is are:

  • It can open and close independently
  • More compact
  • Reduces internal volume and waste
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Up to 10 valve seats can be added on a single, stainless steel valve block which was not attainable with the conventional single-way valve.

All if these features make it a far better fit for modern-day hygienic pharmaceutical or biotechnology processing plants.

For more information about Bürkert's 3 way hygienic valves or any of their other products, visit the Bürkert website

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