Decentralised Installation with Murrelektronik

Decentralised installation is important within the manufacturing industry. It can lead to important time and cost savings on wiring and installation, enabling businesses to increase their productivity and therefore their project output.

To fulfil their full potential, a decentralised system needs to have a well-structured control system. This should understand the framework of the system and be adaptable to its various requirements.

Decentralised installation systems with Murrelektronik

Specialising in decentralised installation has been one of the key aims of leading automation technology suppliers, Murrelektronik’s business for more than 35 years. The thinking behind this is to make important time and cost savings on wiring and installation. This will result in an increased workforce output and enable them to commit to more projects year on year.

Ensuring efficiency throughout the installation process connects every IO points in a machine or system. This can lead to significant cost savings on materials and installation time. Murrelektronik take steps to ensure the best approach is taken towards your project, coming up with new development concepts in the process that ensure a successful solution.

In this video, Applications Engineer for Murrelektronik UK, Craig Cookson, explains the benefits of Murrelektronik’s decentralised systems when it comes to installation.

Benefits of Murrelektronik’s decentralised systems

The key benefit of Murrelektronik’s decentralised installation systems is the variety of concepts available. Due to their vast expertise and experience, Murrelektronik can provide various solutions to any challenge, enabling a selection of strategies for their customers to move forward with.

Murrelektronik will work towards the focus of your business, whatever the concept or technical requirements, and provide the cost-effective aspects that are important to your business. From planning to assembly, electrical installation and commissioning, their processes are streamlines to assure future machine availability and services during operation can be achieved. In turn this will help to reduce total costs substantially.

For more information about Murrelektronik’s decentralised installation system, or any of their products, visit the Murrelektronik website.

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