Behind the scenes with the Bürkert 8652 Pneumatic Valve Island

High reliability, high force, torque generation and cleanliness are just some of the characteristics demanded by the process automation industry. Computer-aided automation and future-ready technology are quickly becoming the norm to ensure applications are optimised to perform in the most efficient way.

For applications where productivity, cleanliness and safety are approved, a solution was required that offered flexible installation and reduced commissioning time. Leading measurement and control systems manufacturers, Bürkert fluid control systems' type 8652 pneumatic valve island was able to meet these demands.

Bürkert’s pneumatic valve island solution for process automation applications

Bürkert’s 8652 AirLINE pneumatic valve island is compact and easy to install. Coupled with its integrated monitoring and diagnosis functions it has the capability to improve process reliability for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage and water treatment applications.

Its use of an LC-Display ensures savings on time during installation and commissioning. Furthermore, the new diagnosis functions offered enables detailed on-site information to be viewed in both cleartext and symbols form. This makes diagnosis easily relatable. In addition to this, a fast overview of plant status is also made available, thanks to the diagnosis information also being available in the PLC.

In this video, a Bürkert technician takes us for a closer look at how the type 8652 device tells us what is going on within the process plant and provides feedback on the processes

To summarise, the key benefits of the Bürkert 8652 pneumatic valve island include:

  • Compact design
  • Easy diagnostics by LC display
  • Reduced process risk in plant
  • Easy commissioning and maintenance

The Bürkert 8652 pneumatic valve island systematically expands the new Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) which equips all of Bürkert’s products for Industry 4.0.

Bürkert is one of the leading manufacturers of measuring, control and regulating systems for liquids and gases. For more information about type 8652, or any of their other products, visit the Bürkert website.

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