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PIF editorAs the editor of PIF, an online technical resource and solution centre for the Process Industry, I have a serious interest in online marketing. Online marketing skills are essential in digital media. With so much competing information out there on the web, it is essential that PIF is found for the information it so valuably contains within its many website pages.

Leading up to 2014 I have being asked countless times ‘what are your marketing priorities for next year?’ ‘What marketing activities should we be leaving behind?

We also ask ourselves internally ‘How can we deliver the PIF Values to our readers?' The PIF values are namely; to be Pioneering in the way we communicate to our stakeholders, to be Inspirational in our content, to only deliver content that is Quality and Dependable, and finally to be Effective at satisfying our reader’s needs & requirements.

The values rest behind all of our activities, and are at the forefront of our minds as we approach 2014.

So, what are our marketing priorities for 2014?

What is Google +?Google +

Google + is Google’s extremely powerful social media channel. Google + is the second largest social media channel (Facebook is #1!) with over 500 million users. Read this to find out exactly what Google + actually is. Here at PIF we will be growing our Google Authorship by producing unique, high quality and customer-focused content week-in/week-out. Not only will this ensure that our content gets in front of those who want to see it – in the search engine results of Process Industry professionals – it will also deliver other online marketing benefits such as relevant, quality back-links to our site.

Google humminbird google search


Google users are getting more sophisticated – our Engineers know what they are looking for! They no longer type short and snappy keywords into Google, they also use some context words, whether that be application details or product variants. Google recognises this and to enhance the search results it offers its users, they introduced the Hummingbird update. Hummingbird rewards more content-rich websites where authors are attempting to answers users' questions. So PIF will be writing more technical tips, tricks and tutorials – specifically designed to answer users’ questions.


Virtual exhibitions

With an on-going decline in exhibition attendance year-on-year, here at PIF we have delved into the world of virtual exhibitions. Just take a moment to think about it; an SEO-optimised virtual exhibition stand where interested attendees (or readers!) can zoom in to read/watch/listen to informative & technical ‘hot spots’. The icing on the cake – it costs around 10% of the costs associated with an exhibition stand, it can be visible all year round and it can be refreshed with up-to-date content. So watch this space!!

How do we plan to deliver the PIF values to our readers?

How will we be pioneering in the way we communicate to our stakeholders?

We will be improving our website layout and design to allow us to seamlessly provide the content our readers’ are interested in as soon as they land on the PIF site.

How will be inspirational in our content?

By partnering with the key manufacturers of the Process Industry and only delivering content that passes the ‘PIF Content Test’ – an internal measure to ensure our content is always unique, interesting, informative and solution-driven.

How will our content be high-quality and dependable?

It will be written by engineers, for engineers. As we grow, we will continue to employ real engineers working within the Process Industry, ensuring our content is accurate, technical and innovative.

Finally, how will be effective at satisfying our reader’s needs?

We will once again segment our audience, get inside their minds, find out what makes them tick and develop an editorial calendar that is bound to bring them back time and time again.

Any suggestions or feedback on how you have found your PIF experience in 2014 - 

Please email me at [email protected].

Many thanks for your continued support!

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