Top 10 Lego Sculptures

death star

No matter how old you are Lego is an amazing toy. There is just something about those little plastic bricks that appeal to the inner child in us, and for some, Lego can become an obsession. Once you get hooked on Lego it is impossible to let go which is why veterans have garages full of the stuff.

Of course, being addicted to anything has its risks; you'll haemorrhage money, your addiction can come in the way of your professional life, and although not in the case of Lego (unless you swallow a brick), your addiction can damage your health too.

For some Lego is more than an addiction or an obsession, though. It is a way of life. Let's celebrate this way of life today by showcasing 10 wonderful Lego sculptures from around the world.

1. Brickley the Sea Monster

Taking a trip to Disney World in Florida is the dream of many children, and should you go, you'll be able to see the attractions very own sea monster (which, curiously, looks like a Lego Loch Ness) called Brickley. It's made out of a staggering 170,000 bricks and stands over 30 feet tall!

Sea Monster

2. Full-size Lego House

Lego is fantastic for building small sculptures or 1/3 models, but what about full scale stuff? Well James May and 1,000 builders / Lego enthusiasts built a full-size house in 2009. Ultimately, it had to be taken down, as Lego refused to take it. Boo hoo.


3. Giant T-Rex

Lego World Place in Florida have a huge almost full scale T-Rex on show outside their main entrance.


4. Volvo XC90

Volvo's target market is older drivers, yet Lego's target market is young people. So can you combine the two? Of course you can! As such a 2004 Volvo XC90 SUV was built entirely from Lego.


5. The Lego Eiffel Tower in LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND have some of the most inspiring sculptures on show, and they should, given they are Lego. The Lego Eiffel Tower is one of my favourites due to its height and presence. Note: you can do this yourself, but it'll take a lot of bricks!

eiffel tower

6. Lego aircraft carrier

Aircraft carriers are an extremely expensive piece of kit. But then again, so is Lego. So why not combine the two? That's what Malle Hawking from Munich, Germany, thought as he built a huge aircraft carrier out of well over 5000 bricks.

aircraft carrier

7. Lego Poseidon

This Lego sculpture takes the crown for most attention to detail. Just look at it! The Lego Poseidon was built for the Vancouver Lego Club's Mythology exhibit a year or so ago by Paul Hetherington.


8. Brick by Brick: Usain Bolt wins gold in 100m final

What could be cooler than an actual video of Usain Bolt, built from Lego, running against his competitors on a Lego built track?

9. Lego Death Star

Hot on the heels of the new Star Wars film, many Lego veterans have started to buy up Lego Star Wars boxes and build fabulous sculptures. Our favourite is the Lego Death Star, which can take weeks to build and several thousand bricks.

death star

10. Kiwibot

This fantastic Lego sculpture comes all the way from New Zealand. Who is it by? A 7 year old boy. Yep, he's 7. Named 2012 National Lego Building Champion in 2012, Jesse Larsen took two weeks and a whole 9000 bricks to build his super awesome Kiwibot, which ultimately won him flights and entry in to LEGOLAND. Go Jesse!


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