Top 10 Industrial Related Art

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Is art purely subjective?

We all feel different emotions when we see a work of art. Some of us feel sadness, happiness, anxious or a mixture of all these feelings. An often used cliché in art, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, suggests art is subjective. But is it?

You see, industrial art takes a lot of time to perfect. Even if one doesn't appreciate the aesthetic they can appreciate the skill. Whether or not you personally like industrial art and design there is still appreciation for it around the world.

Let's take a look at the top 10 industrial related art from around the world, including specific sculptures and areas of interest.

1. The Orbit

Towering over the Olympic Stadium in London is The Orbit, a metal sculpture that has been likened to a helter skelter. If it was a helter skelter, it'd be THE BEST helter skelter in the world.


2. 2012 Olympic Cauldron

Number two on our list is perhaps the most famous piece of industrial art in the world. Seen by over 900 million people from around the world, the 2012 Olympic Cauldron is a work of genius that weighs 16 tons.

3. Czech Bus

Number three on our list is another Olympics themed piece of industrial art. Czech artist David Cerny transformed a London Bus in to a robotic sculpture with arms, and it was named the unofficial mascot of the 2012 Olympics.


4. Decaying iron machinery in Sydney

God only knows what part of machinery the four huge pieces of iron are from on Cockatoo Island, Sidney, which stand on the front of a cliff rusting away.


5. Bruce Gray's Form Table

If you love interior design, then chances are you'll love Bruce Gray's Form Table, which is hand welded in aluminium. Yours for only $4,000.


6. Newton Aycliffe Sculpture

Designed and sculpted by Joseph Hillier, the 16-meter high 4.7-tonne Newton Aycliffe Sculpture is located in Aycliffe business park.


7. Limee Young’s kinetic sculptures

Kinetic sculptures are fascinating any our favourite by far are by South Korean artist Limee Young, whose sculptures are made and designed to perfection.


8. Industrial Horse located at Skokie Sculpture Park, Illinois

If you are partial to equestrian sports and industrial related art, then you should definitely check out the industrial horse located at Skokie Sculpture Park, Illinois.


9. Carved Coral Rock Sculptures

If you're ever heading on over to Miami, Florida, you simply must check out the Coral Castle Museum which is full of intricate carved coral rock sculptures built by artist Edward Leedskalnin from 1923 until 1951.


10. Chris Cole's Kinetic Sculptures

We end our list with an awesome industrial kinetic sculpture. Chris Cole designs all of his own sculptures which aim to explore the relationship between the industrial and natural world.


Do you like industrial related art? Which are your favourite examples from this list? Be sure to share your thoughts by commenting or getting in touch through Facebook and Twitter.

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