Looking forward to the future of the UK Process Industry

As the New Year very nearly dawns, PIF is taking a look at the big issues and industry events, that we think the Process Industry should keep on its radar.

The Big Issues for the Process Industry 2014

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

The renewable energy market has a fair wind behind it after an industry report revealed that the number of workers in the UK's renewables sector has increased by 74% since 2010, with a potential growth of a further 70,000 jobs by 2023 - almost half of which in offshore wind. Turnover in the renewable power sectors has also increased from an estimated £2.8bn in 2010 to £8.1bn in 2013. Expect the trend to continue in 2014.

Social media

Social media for 2014This coming year, Process Industries would be well advised to steal a march in the growing domain of social media to reach out to stakeholders. Expect Google+ to continue its dramatic rise to ascendancy and of course Twitter will remain de rigeur. But could 2014 be the year for content-sharing platforms, like instagram and Pinterest?

Engineering graduates deficit

We alluded to the growing deficit in engineering graduates right here and a recent by Randstad CPE study has suggested that the UK could be facing a 36,800 shortfall in qualified engineers by the year 2050. However, top female engineering students are to be offered scholarships to go on to study postgraduate courses as part of the government's £25 million education support scheme. A positive step towards bridging the gender divide.

Fracking and Shale gas

Fracking & shale gas 2014
The high stakes fracking debate will continue to rage into 2014. It was recently announced that BP is partnering with academics at the University of Texas in Austin (injecting £2.5 million of industrial research funding) to improve fracking processes and technologies.

Engineers, operators and suppliers with an interest in the growing UK shale gas industry head to the UK shale gas - the engineers’ summit, in London, on Tuesday 25 February 2014.

Upcoming Process Industry events in 2014

AHR Expo

AHR Expo 2014Roll up for brand new product launches and innovations at the world’s largest HVACR marketplace: the 2014 AHR Expo in New York this January. Check out our survival guide for what to expect, who to look out for and what you just can’t afford to miss. (21-23 January 2014, New York).

Energy 2050 and beyond

Attend Energy 2050 and beyond to learn about the latest technologies and contribute to the debate on the focus for medium term research, development and policy decisions. (4-5 March 2014, London).

International Manufacturing Technology Show 2014 - Exhibition

The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of the largest industrial trade shows in the world and is held every two years in September at McCormick Place, Chicago. (8-13 September 2014, Chicago).

12th European Fluid Machinery Congress

The European Fluid Machinery Congress showcases the latest fluid machinery technology available and provides a forum for sharing valuable experiences around design, operation and maintenance. (6-7 October 2014,


The world's leading machine vision trade fair has switched to a two-year cycle, after cancelling the 2013 event. VISION is where OEMs, mechanical engineering companies and system houses learn about the latest innovations from the world of machine vision components, and where they initiate their investments. (4-6 November 2014, Stuttgart).

WWEM 2014 - Exhibition

WWEM 2014

From test kits to process measurement, laboratory analysis right through to fixed and portable gas detection, if your work involves Monitoring, testing or working with water you need to be at the sixth WWEM. (5-6 November 2014, Telford).

Valve World Expo 2014 - Exhibition

Valve world Expo 2014

Valve World Expo is one of the leading information and order platforms for global business in industrial valves and fittings. (2-4 December 2014, Düsseldorf).

So it looks like we are all going to have an extremely busy and exciting 2014! 

Here at PIF we would like to wish all of our readers the best of luck and a very successful 2014 - we hope to see you at one of the shows! 


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