The Evolution of the Electric Car – World’s Fastest Electric Car

With pressure from local governments, car manufacturers are under tremendous pressures to improve the efficiency of their vehicles. Manufacturers such as Toyota, Porsche and McLaren are investing heavily in hybrid technologies whereas other manufacturers such as, Nissan and Tesla are focusing their attention on fully electric plug-in vehicles.

PIF conducted some research which aimed to get a better understanding of what exactly consumers are interested in when it comes to plug-in technology. The study suggested that the 3 main factors they were looking for in a plug-in car are as follows:

  • Top Speed
  • Range
  • Price

With regards to performance and the top speed of plug-in vehicles, Nissan has just revealed the ZEOD RC which it intends on entering into the Le Mans 24 hours race in 2014. This fully electric car is capable of hitting over 185 mph and is currently the world's fastest electric car. 

Nissan ZEOD RC

In light of this, PIF has decided to put together an interactive timeline dating back to the early 1900's. We also highlight the 3 main factors from our research study for each vehicle.

What main factors are you interested in when it comes to plug-in technology?

Let us know what you think about plug-in/ hybrid technology in the comments section below.


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