Accelerated growth for manufacturers with Digital Marketing Funding

With 20 years of manufacturing and engineering expertise, and access to a special pot of accelerator funding at our disposal, KW Solutions is uniquely placed to help SME businesses to achieve rapid growth and formidable marketing results.

KW Solutions is in a unique position to help accelerate the growth of deserving manufacturing businesses. If you are an independent Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) that is seeking rapid expansion, stronger lead generation and a full compliment of marketing expertise then we might be able to help.

Increasing online presence for engineering, manufacturing and technical businesses

We can help you secure up to 50 per cent match funding for projects ranging from £300 to £3000 in value. As long as your manufacturing SME is registered in the UK and based in England, has fewer than 250 employees, and can demonstrate a turnover of less than £40 million, we can work with you to achieve a competitive edge.

Marketing funding for engineering companies

Our marketing expertise has proven invaluable for this UK engineering business.

MGA generates 'countless leads and sales'

KW Solutions' Website Development Services include first-class website audits that cover user experience analysis, SEO analysis and recommendations to increase sales conversions. Leading Control and Instrumentation company, MGA Controls, called on KW Solutions to design and develop their brochure-style website, boost their SEO credentials, and implement an effective PPC advertising campaign.

David Wilson, MGA Managing Director, said: “Not only did KW Solutions understand our complex needs but were able to surpass our expectations with an extremely professional website. The whole process was managed to a high degree, from start to finish, and our new site has already given us a quantifiable return on investment, generating countless leads and sales.”

KW Solutions also developed a technical white paper, on MGA's behalf, aimed specifically at the UK water industry. This garnered widespread interest and proved a major driver for generating credible sales leads, as part of a wider marketing strategy also honed in conjunction with our strategic experts.

Marketing grants for manufacturing companies

Our digital marketing expertise has proven invaluable for this UK manufacturing business.

Bürkert attracts thousands of unique visitors

Since control and measuring systems manufacturers Bürkert joined KW Solution's online technical resource and solution platform, Process Industry Forum (PIF), our marketing experts have developed more than 30 unique pieces of ‘solution-driven’ or innovation-based’ content for them.

Original marketing content featured on PIF stands the best chance of getting in front of the right manufacturing and engineering professionals, influencers and thought leaders. Not only has there been a surge of visitors perusing Bürkert’s articles but 7,440 unique visitors spent more than 2.4 hours reading Bürkert’s articles.

Bürkert Marketing Director, Helen Christopher, said: “Online is an essential platform to understand to improve your marketing. There’s so much to learn nowadays and it’s constantly changing. KW Solutions consult with the client about what they need and translate that information into something useful, which will help you get to the top of Google.”

Speak to KW Solutions today to find out more about how we can bootstrap your manufacturing business' strategic projects with 50 percent match funding and take your manufacturing activities to the next level. Call 08707 667778, email [email protected] or visit for more information.

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