Top tips to get the most out of Google+

Google plus top tips

We've said it before but the lesser explored social media platform, Google+, is an untapped goldmine for businesses to leverage some great exposure. Here we've compiled our best tips to help your business to get the most out of Google+.

[pif_spoiler title="First impressions count
" style="fancy"] You should treat your business' Google+ profile as reverentially as you would your own homepage. This is your shop window; the porthole to your brand, services and products. It's worth dedicating some quality time to populate your profile as comprehensively as possible, to leave visitors in no uncertain doubt about exactly what your business does. We'd recommend using the same company logo, that you use on all other social media platforms, for your avatar for consistency's sake. You might also want to take advantage of the cover photo facility to show off your product line.[/pif_spoiler]

[pif_spoiler title="Content is king
" style="fancy"] One of the really advantageous benefits of Google+ is that it's not constrained to 140 characters or short updates, like Twitter and Facebook respectively. There's actually scope to post some lengthier, more in-depth updates (with compelling titles and unique formatting capabilities). Perfect for describing your latest product launch or for outlining worthwhile case studies that illustrate your product's process industry applications. [/pif_spoiler]

[pif_spoiler title="Be community minded" style="fancy"]Another great B2B feature of Google+ is that you can either tap into, or create your own, niche circles known as Communities. Our Process Industry Experts Community, for example, is a space to engage with more than 60 like-minded professionals within the Process Industry to share tips and expertise. Of course, by creating and hosting your own Community, about your particular industry specialism perhaps, you're promoting your brand and giving your contacts and readers a valuable forum to meet up. [/pif_spoiler]

[pif_spoiler title="Unlock your keywords" style="fancy"] Just as you'd pay particular attention to optimising your company's web pages, for keywords associated with your business, so you might want to do the same for your Google+ account. As this relatively embryonic social media platform's influence on search capabilities continues to grow, it's a safe bet that an effective sprinkling of trade-specific keywords could well help your search ranking in the long run. [/pif_spoiler]

[pif_spoiler title="Make it eventful" style="fancy"]Once again, Google+ has pulled another rabbit out of a hat for business users with its Google+ events. It's the ideal function to promote a new product launch. It will send out automated email reminders to your confirmed guests and allows them to view and respond to your invites using Google Calendar. There's a very useful Hangout integration that allows you to easily schedule and host virtual events and meetings with up to ten guests, tuning in on their smartphone, tablet or laptop. Event tracking also gives invaluable insights into the success of your event and a real-time photo stream means that attendees can share photos from your event directly into a shared photo album. Nifty! [/pif_spoiler]

[pif_spoiler title="Get a vanity project" style="fancy"] A customised URL is a short, easy-to-remember web address that links directly to your Page. Not only does it look professional but it allows your users to easily remember your Google+ account address. There is a bit of red tape to follow before you can take advantage of this feature however. You must have a profile photo, at least ten followers, your account must be at least 30 days old, and it must be linked to a website. [/pif_spoiler]

We hope you've found these hints and tips useful. We look forward to seeing you among our social circles, and communities, on Google+ soon.

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