The PowerPoint Alternative: Get the Attention of your Audience

The PowerPoint Alternative

Have you ever failed to get the attention of your audience during a PowerPoint presentation? Process Industry Forum is pleased to present you with the PowerPoint alternative you’ve been waiting for, Prezi. Great for when pitching the latest products or services to fellow industry experts.

What is Prezi? is a ‘zooming presentation tool’ which acts as that long overdue alternative to PowerPoint. It is becoming more and more popular with businesses and can often be seen in the lecture theatres and classrooms of many top universities.

With Prezi, you can either start with a blank canvas or use a template. The platform allows for you to position objects such as text, images, videos or graphics anywhere you wish to place them on the canvas. You then create a path between them in the order you wish to display them to your audience. Prezi then zooms in on each object, allowing you to deliver your presentation to the audience.

Check out this brilliant example which highlights just how much more engaging a Prezi can be when done properly.

PowerPoint is classed as the default platform to use across all industries, but why settle for the expected when you can wow your audience with an intuitive presentation that will keep your audience engaged from start to finish.

Need More Convincing? Prezi's rank for SEO

Prezi's allow for users to set their presentations to public which means they are able to be found by people searching Prezi's website or even searching on Google. The ability to rank on Google for a presentation surrounding a specific topic is another factor that can benefit the creator, the Prezi that has been embedded above has managed to acquire almost 500,000 views in the space of 4 months.

Is it Hard to Learn?

At first glance, Prezi can seem confusing. However, after an hour of playing around with the software everything seems to become second nature and you'll be grabbing the attention of your audience in no time.

Where Can I Sign Up?

Sign up by clicking this link: Prezi

Prezi is a free service to start with and once you start using/ needing extra features they are then accessible by paying small monthly fees.

Why Do We Like it So Much?

We like it because it sets our presentations apart from others, there hasn't been a time where people haven't been wowed by the presentations we've created. Of course, it's hard to get people to break away from the 'norm' but we feel that once people come to terms with the benefits of Prezi, there'll be no going back.


Have you used Prezi for any of your presentations? How did your audience find them? We'd love you hear your thoughts in the comments section. 




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