Make the most out of Social Media in 12 easy steps

Think it's enough to post the occasional updates on your social media accounts? Think again. By following these 12 easy steps, Process Industry businesses can look forward to a blooming online presence and a very healthy ROI as a result.

1. Make a Social Media strategy

Without a coherent social media strategy a business is merely contributing to the social media 'noise' with little chance of engagement even if their content is magnificent. What's needed is measurable goals, a distinctive voice and excellent content planning.

2. Integrate your digital assets

Social media web

Join up your social media accounts through profiles, websites, emails and paid search advertising campaigns to maximise the reach of each asset individually and as a collective.

3. Tweet more photos

Not only do images command more space on Twitter feeds, they help drive engagement. Include a photo in your tweets, whenever appropriate, for 200 percent more engagement than standard tweets.

4. Maximise Twitter hashtags

Twitter hashtag

Hashtags help businesses contribute to relevant conversations and trending topics, which can help to reach your target audience, potential new followers, and boost brand influence.

5. Facebook images command attention

A reported 40 percent of people respond better to visual information than plain text and photos get the lion's share of attention, accruing most likes and comments.

6. Interact with followers

Not all comments need a response, but interaction with followers builds trust and forms a bond between brands and consumers, which ultimately affects your bottom line and reputation for the better.

7. Get involved with Google+

Google +

Google+ may be the last kid picked for the social media football team but its direct correlation with Google search results, should make it an invaluable strand of your digital marketing strategy.

8. Use your circles of influence

Circles allow you to syphon followers into groups and post unique content tailored to those target audiences. Just as you wouldn't send a specific email to your entire email address book, nor should you on Google Plus.

9. Use Instagram hashtags wisely

As with Twitter, hashtags should be relevant to your business and speciality. Trying to book-end your image into a gallery of cute kittens will win you no favours!

10. Give Instagrammers what they want

One of the best ways to personally connect with your followers is to give them behind the scenes insights of what you do, rather than bombard them with your full product range.

11. Pin some action shots on Pinterest


Mix it up a bit and show your product in action for best results. Studies have found that colour, white space and even faces can dramatically swing engagement in your favour.

12. Link Pinterest pins to product pages

Make it super easy for customers to escalate from browsing Pinterest to buying your product. Link directly to product pages to cut to the chase and present your customers with the easiest route to the check-out.

Implement these quick and easy tips and you'll be reaching out to customers new and old with a view to bumping up your sales efforts in no time. Never has the old adage 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' more applicable than in your approach to social media marketing. This feature is based on an article originally published by

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