8 Tips to achieve Email Marketing Success

For the engineering marketer the glut of platforms to connect with existing, new and potential customers gets bigger with each new social media 'next big thing.' But some traditional methods die hard. And the humble email campaign is one of them. Get it right and your sales can soar. Get it wrong however and you risk alienation and irretrievably damaged client relations. So PIF has compiled eight handy hints to achieve optimal email marketing success.

Get the basics right

1) Ascertaining your key target audiences

This your opportunity to contact all those buyers and suppliers that you met at that last manufacturing expo. It's worth investing some time on the 'nuts and bolts' of ascertaining your key target audiences and – crucially – ensuring that you've got their correct email addresses.internet-of-things

Don't be fooled into thinking a blanket approach will work either. Chunk down your prospects into groups and tailor your messaging according to their specialisms for the best results. Content that might appeal to an engineer will differ wildly to what engages a sales director for example.

2) Test, test and test again

You wouldn't dream of launching a new centrifugal pump or solenoid valve without thorough field testing first. So why take a chance with your marketing emails? Send it to yourself, to colleagues, and tweak accordingly until it's fit for purpose.

Stay on subject

3) Avoid pointless phrases

Stay on-message and don't rely on empty phrases like 'exclusive' (a contradiction in mass mailing terms), ‘Product launch' (obviously, but what is it?) or 'next day delivery' (unless that's quite an achievement it's generally not a huge selling point). The same applies for desperate pleas like 'urgent,' 'important,' or 'don't miss out.' They're just plain annoying. Next...

4) Getting personal

We all like to feel important. Address your customers by name, rather than a generic 'valued customer' catch-all title. Similarly, send your missive from your individual email account, rather than a sales@ or enquiries@ address, so your contact knows they're dealing with a person rather than an automaton.

Content is king

Content is king

5) Solutions and specifications

Mainstream marketers will tell you that the golden rule for direct mail is to "Stress benefits, not features." Whilst that may ring true in a consumer-led sense, in the Process Industry's predominantly business to business setting there needs to be a balance of both.

Of course, you need to have a detailed picture of the target audience(s) in mind. But equal measures of upfront solutions for specific applications can be balanced with in-depth product specifications as a general rule of thumb for the engineering populous.

6) Don't forget your call to action

You've got everything right thus far and your customer is hooked. But remember, your e-shot is a launchpad, the blue touch paper, and the worst thing you can do is not provide an outlet or avenue for further information. Even if it's a simple 'Visit our website for further information' or 'click here for more details about the Super Widget 3000.'

Spruce up your aftercare

7) Follow-up

Your customer lead may have read all your blurb and perhaps even visited your website. They're teetering on the brink. What's needed next is a swift and timely follow-up call to see if you're able to help with their requirements and offer a pertinent product or service solution. Avoid asking whether they 'received your email' – it's slightly interrogatory and sets your respondent on the defensive if they've deleted or overlooked it.

8) Track data

Industry Week

Mine your available data to hone and sharpen each email campaign. Amassing critical insights, like opens, click rates and bounce backs gives you a great overall picture of your subscribers' activity. By listening to these clues, you'll be far better armed for next time. It's also a good idea to pay attention to un-subscribers too. This can often be a good barometer for assessing whether your e-shots are overly frequent.

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