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WIMES compliant air compressors and ATEX compressors for hazardous areas

Avelair exhibited at the AirTech Exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham in April 2014. The PIF team had the opportunity to interview their Technical Director Tim Shepherd about the innovative compressed air solutions they were exhibiting.

Air Compressors manufactured in the UK

Avelair Ltd are the leading UK-based Rotary Screw Compressor manufacturers. Their quality range of Air Compressors and Gas Compressors are manufactured in Suffolk, UK and come with a 5 year warranty, ensuring long-term peace of mind.

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Avelair’s main focus is clearly on Quality & Efficiency. Manufacturing in the UK ensures quality workmanship and instant and accessible technical support. High-performance design & components ensure end-user’s only pay for the compressed air they use. Avelair’s compressed air systems can reduce energy costs by 35% or more, with paybacks from around 6-18 months.

Learn more about Avelair compressed air solutions here.

Avelair were exhibiting their more specialist range of compressors to illustrate their flexibility and their ability to customize their compressors to specialist applications.

ATEX compressors for hazardous areas

Avelair were exhibiting a range of compressed air systems specifically used in hazardous areas. Avelair work closely with the end-user to ensure each compressed air system is specially designed to comply with ATEX requirements for the designated zone.

WIMES compliant Compressors for water industry

WIMES stands for Water Industry and Mechanical Engineering Standards and is an applicable standard that all equipment must meet in order to be installed into the UK water & wastewater industries.

Avelair’s WIMES compliant compressor is a turnkey solution for the water industry and incorporates the compressor, reciver, 3 stage filtration, desiccant dryer, zero loss auto drain and condensate management system.

Watch Tim Shepherd talk about the ATEX and WIMES Air Compressors here.

Avelair combine their compressors with advanced control systems to offer full data and diagnostic information and remote control over the application. The control systems can be linked into the applications telemetry systems and offer the ultimate flexibility and efficiency that applications are constantly striving for.

Company Profile

Avelair Compressed Air Solutions

Avelair ltd, established in 1993, is a specialist design, manufacture, service and sales company, supplying a full range of air and gas compressors and compressed air equipment. The company is a member of the British Compressed Air Society and is ISO 9001 certified.

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