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Why nitrogen generators are good for beer dispensing

It is becoming common practice for nitrogen generators to be used in the food and beverage industry, and the alcoholic beverage industry is no exception. Glaston explains why using nitrogen generators for beer dispensing could give your company a boost and clear head start above the competition.

Why nitrogen generators?

The combination of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) is the perfect combination for the food and beverage industry. That’s because these gases deliver the optimum pressure for a beer keg, which in turn releases a perfectly presented beer or ale – just want everyone wants.

The days of bars and restaurants hauling heavy nitrogen tanks around to refill, at a large cost, are a thing of the past too. Increasingly, companies are making the decision to purchase their own nitrogen generators to keep on-site. This option drastically lowers the cost of their outgoings and increases profits as a result.

Which nitrogen generator is best for my company?

When it comes to nitrogen generators for beer dispensing, Glaston recommends either a PSA generator or a membrane generator. There are subtle differences between these two products, but both have been expertly designed to encourage the production of the perfect beer.

Why are PSA nitrogen generators used for dispensing beer?

PSA nitrogen generators are a very popular product among bars and restaurants due to their low energy consumption and subsequent profitability. PSA generators also produce a purity rating of 99% to 99.995%, due to the carbon molecular sieve (CMS) that separates the air.

The beauty of this product is the design and the control it offers in terms of regulating nitrogen purity. The choice is entirely yours, so you will never be spending more than you need on energy.

When we spoke to Glaston, they estimated that you could save up to 50% of your money by purchasing your own on-site PSA generator, as opposed to continuously outsourcing them, depending on the frequency of use.

Why are membrane nitrogen generators used for dispensing beer?

Compared to PSA generators, the purity rating achieved by membrane generators is lower, varying from 90% to 99.0%. They are well-known for having extremely low maintenance costs, which makes them a more cost-effective product in the long run. However, they do use a lot more energy than PSA generators. If you are looking for a higher level of purity, PSA generators are the preferred choice.

Despite the varying levels of purity and energy consumption offered by these two different types of nitrogen generators, both are recommended by Glaston for an effective beer dispensing experience.

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