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Why choose pneumatic flow regulators from API Pneumatic UK

In this article, PIF spoke with leading pneumatic equipment specialists, API Pneumatic UK, about their diverse range of flow regulators. Understanding the importance of controlling or restricting airflow within pneumatic cylinders is a growing concern for manufacturers within the UK’s process industry. API UK’s pneumatic flow regulators are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring compressed air applications benefit from optimal performance and operators enjoy unrivalled control capabilities for pneumatic cylinders.

What is a pneumatic flow regulator?

Pneumatic flow regulators are a type of flow control equipment which regulates the direction and speed of compressed air within a pneumatic system. “Our range of pneumatic flow regulators include in-line flow restrictors, flow controls specifically for cylinders, exhaust restrictors and silenced exhaust restrictors”, says Tim Swift of API Pneumatic UK. “Our wide range of pneumatic flow regulators ensure there is always an applicable air solution available for your cylinder type”.

Pneumatic flow regulator types

We asked API UK which two pneumatic flow regulator types are proving to be the most popular with UK manufacturers. Currently, in-flow line and exhaust restrictors are the two in-demand flow control solutions for managing airflow within pneumatic cylinders:

In-flow line restrictors

“In-line flow restrictors work to control the speed and flow of air within a pneumatic cylinder,'' explains Tim. “If you only need flow control in one direction, then API UK’s unidirectional in-line flow restrictors are available in three specific versions depending on your industry's requirements. These include: unidirectional with a female-female thread, unidirectional with push-in fittings and unidirectional with a male thread on the inlet and push-in fitting on the outlet”. Should your application require flow control in more than one direction, API UK can also manufacture a bi-directional in-line flow restrictor.

Exhaust restrictors

“Exhaust restrictors work towards reducing the translation of velocity within pneumatic cylinders,'' continues Tim. “Here at API UK, we take our exhaust restrictors one step further with our range of silenced exhaust restrictors. These flow control solutions combine a silencer to take two different functions and incorporate them into one, handy product”. Both silenced and regular exhaust flow restrictors from API UK are typically installed on either valve exhausts or on a quick exhaust valve.

Flow control equipment with API Pneumatic UK

Flow controls from API UK can be used to control velocity within pneumatic cylinders. “Our range of flow control equipment includes unidirectional with either inlet or outlet adjustment, as well as bi-directional versions with the adjustment of flow in two directions” continues Tim. “ The different functionality of each flow regulator allows you to choose flow control based on the specific demands of your application. For example, using two unidirectional flow controls with outlet adjustment for cylinder velocity won’t interfere with the inlet flow to cylinder chambers, as they will act on the exhaust flow”.

To complement API UK’s range of impressive pneumatic flow regulators, the Stoke-on-Trent manufacturers also offer next delivery for any businesses within the UK. This allows businesses to get flow under control immediately in just 24 hours. For more information on any flow restrictors, controls or regulators from API Pneumatic UK, visit www.apiuk.com.

Company Profile

API Pneumatic UK

API Pneumatic UK is a manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic cylinders, valves, airline equipment and bespoke control panels.

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