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Why choose API Pneumatic UK stainless steel cylinders

As a UK specialist cylinder manufacturer and supplier, API UK has years of industry knowledge and expertise when it comes to helping customers choose the correct pneumatic cylinder to match their requirements. In this informative article, PIF speaks with API Pneumatic UK to discuss the benefits of using stainless steel pneumatic cylinders within industrial processes.

API Pneumatics UK manufactures pneumatic double acting cylinders to supply into the most demanding industrial environments. Pneumatic cylinders from API UK are produced in the highest grade AISI 316 stainless steel to deliver high performance, durability, and reliability. These are perfectly suited to environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, marine environments, and oil and gas production.

We spoke to API Pneumatics UK to discuss the specifications and advantages of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders manufactured and sold by API UK.

ISO 15552 Double Acting Stainless Steel Pneumatic Cylinders

API Pneumatics UK offers a range of stainless steel pneumatic double-acting cylinders. The AMX range delivers an operating pressure of 1-10 bar, with a temperature range of -20C to 80C and they are manufactured to ISO 15552 standards.

API UK explains that this range delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • A magnetic barrel, manufacturers from 316L stainless steel that allows for reed switching mounting options
  • Adjustable cushioning with a round tube and external tie rods
  • This range features a polyurethane scraper seal, making it ideal for chemical and food processing industries
  • This polyurethane scraper seal ensures lower levels of friction, delivering longevity of service
  • The additional option for FKM seals and the scraper ring make this range of stainless steel pneumatic cylinders ideal for high temperatures
  • The end caps have no external casting cavities, which eliminates contamination traps
  • The end caps are easily replaceable
  • API Pneumatic UK’s stainless steel pneumatic cylinders are fully compatible with competitor accessories.

ISO 6432 Double Acting Stainless Steel Roundline Cylinders

The MDX and MDMX range of pneumatic double acting cylinders are manufactured in stainless steel and conform to ISO 6432. Similarly, this range delivers an operating pressure of 1-10 bar, with a temperature range of -20C to 80C and are manufactured to ISO 6432 standards.

API Pneumatics UK explains that this range delivers a range of benefits, including:

  • Nitrile rubber cushioning to relieve the impact of the piston during processes
  • The cylinder heads are connected with the tube through rolling to guarantee perfect tightening
  • Polyurethane rod seals ensure low levels of friction for longevity
  • ISO 6432 Double Acting Stainless Steel roundline Cylinders feature FKM seals for high-temperature environments.

API Pneumatics UK goes on to explain that within the ISO 6432 range of pneumatic double acting round line cylinders, there is no option of either magnetic or non-magnetic barrels. The range is split into two very distinct sections:

  • The MDMX range of stainless steel roundline cylinders is magnetic, and therefore allow reed switch mounting options.
  • The MDC series of stainless steel roundline cylinders is non-magnetic and therefore does not allow for read switch mounting options.

Benefits of using an API Pneumatics UK stainless steel pneumatic double acting cylinder?

API UK explains that several benefits can be seen across the whole range of API UK stainless steel pneumatic cylinders.

All pneumatic cylinders manufactured by API UK are NSF pre-lubricated. This means that they are low-friction, and therefore are suitable for non-lubricated compressed air systems. This range is also perfect for use within a food manufacturing environment as a result of being designed to conform with FDA 21 CFR 178 regulations. API Pneumatic UK also produces a range of ATEX pneumatic double acting cylinders that are suitable for use in a high-risk explosive environment.

Where to find stainless steel pneumatic cylinders from API Pneumatics UK

API UK has one of the most extensive portfolios of pneumatic cylinders, accessories and components; either manufactured by API themselves, or as stockists from industry-leading brands. They have the expertise to match the right pneumatic cylinder type with your desired application, or process. For more information, take a look at their pneumatic cylinder selection, or speak to the team directly on 01782 206 995.

Company Profile

API Pneumatic UK

API Pneumatic UK is a manufacturer of high-quality pneumatic cylinders, valves, airline equipment and bespoke control panels.

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