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Ask the Experts – What are pressure regulators and how do they work?

Pressure regulators have their uses across a variety of industries and industrial applications. This is why PIF spoke to the experts at Fluid Controls Ltd in Reading to learn more about pressure regulators and how they work as well as learning a little more about their typical applications.

Speaking to the team at Fluid Controls we will aim to give you an overview of the different types of pressure regulators that are currently available to purchase directly from the team at Fluid Controls Ltd.

What is a pressure regulator?

Fluid Controls explains that pressure regulators are a particular type of valve that automatically ‘cuts off’ the flow of a gas or liquid when it reaches a certain pressure. Pressure regulators are used to allow high-pressure fluid supply tanks and lines to be steadily reduced to a more usable, and safer, pressure. This makes fluid supply lines and tanks safer for use in a variety of different applications through the use of pressure regulators. 

The team at Fluid Controls goes on to explain that pressure regulators are not just found in industrial applications, but also in many different common home applications. Within a home application this includes heating furnaces and gas grills, whilst in an industrial setting this can include medical and dental equipment applications. 

How do pressure regulators work?

The team at Fluid Controls are often asked how a pressure regulator works. This is why they are experts in the field of pressure regulators and their uses. The team explains that a pressure regulator reduces the supply or inlet pressure of an application to a lower outlet pressure. The pressure regulator then works to maintain this outlet pressure despite there being fluctuations in the inlet pressure. 

The reduction of the inlet pressure to a significantly lower outlet pressure is one of the fundamental characteristics of pressure regulators. 

As a result of this, the main function of a pressure regulator is to match the flow of gas through the regulator to the demand for gas that is placed upon it. A pressure regulator works to maintain a constant output pressure whilst reducing the flow of inlet pressure. 

The team at Fluid Controls goes on to explain that “if the load flow decreases, then the regulator flow must decrease also”. This means that if the load flow increases, the regulator flow must also increase. This will work to keep the controlled pressure from decreasing due to a shortage of gas in the pressure system. 

What are the typical applications for a pressure regulator?

The experts at Fluid Controls explain that pressure regulators are a common tool and they are implemented across lots of industries and applications. One of the primary uses for pressure regulators is air compressors. Within air compressor applications, they are used to adjust the pressure coming out of the air receiver to match what is needed by the task at hand. 

Another primary application of pressure regulators is the aerospace industry. Aerospace pressure regulators play a larger part in pressure control for a number of systems, including reaction control systems and altitude control systems. This is due to corrosive fluids being present, alongside large temperature extremes and high vibration rates.

Speak to the team of experts at Fluid Controls to learn more about other pressure regulator applications.

What types of pressure regulators are available?

Fluid Controls are able to supply a wide variety of pressure regulators, including instrumentation regulators, back pressure regulators, dome loaded and air loaded regulators. Fluid Controls also stock a huge collection of blanketing and low pressure regulators that are suitable for tank blanketing. The range also includes sanitary and pharmaceutical regulators to regulate pressure in medical and pharmaceutical systems, whilst the Fluid Controls range of electronic regulators and filter regulators can be used to provide quick response and an accurate pressure regulation.

Speak to a member of the team at Fluid Controls to discuss your pressure regulator requirements. Call today on +44 (0)118 970 2060 or email [email protected].

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