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WDS release new edge clamps delivering flexibility and ease of adjustment

In our latest article PIF spoke to leading manufacturer of work holding components for machining and industrial applications WDS Component Parts Ltd. to find out more about their new edge clamps. These edge clamps are the latest edition to their extensive range, which includes mini edge clamps, toe edge clamps, double edge clamps and more.

Edge Clamp Advantages

The latest WDS edge clamps provide a high quality range of solutions designed to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency in work holding applications. The range includes both fixed edge clamps and adjustable edge clamps: key products in the range include cam operated clamps with a lever that pushes the serrated jaw forward at a slight downward angle to secure the workpiece between the jig surface and the edge rail. The lever and cam operation makes these edge clamps quick and easy to fit, adjust and remove.

WDS Edge Clamps

Of course, the prime requirement for a clamp is to hold the workpiece firmly in place and prevent accidental slippage, but the ease with which the fixturing system can be applied and adjusted can have a significant impact on overall productivity of the machining system. The easier it is to position and hold the workpiece, the lower the idle time of the spindle and thus fewer man-hours are required. Production efficiency and output are both increased as a result.

MiteeBite Modular Work Holding System

The new WDS products sit alongside the MiteeBite modular work holding system and the OK Vise range of double edge clamps, for which WDS is the UK distributor. The MiteeBite range includes standard and machinable fixture clamps, edge clamps, expansion clamps and toe clamps. The OK Vise range of double edge clamps includes pull down, soft jaw, tapped jaw and ball bearing gripper types.

Cam lever edge clamps are available with standard serrated jaws or vee serrated jaws, in left and right hand versions, with or without T-bolt fitting.

For more information, please visit www.wdsltd.co.uk. To speak to a WDS Ltd adviser today, call +44 (0)113 2909852 or email [email protected].

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