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Water companies turning to new tank design

As the UK water industry embracing an innovative tank manufacturing system from Lipp, PIF spoke to the water industry experts to find out more about their new water tank design, as well as to find out more about their quest to become one of the leading water and gas tank companies in Britain.

UK Water Industry

Lipp Double Seal System

Lipp is relatively new to the UK and Ireland but has constructed over 50,000 tanks for liquid, gas and solids storage as well as anaerobic digestion systems in 80 or more countries around the world. It is now embarking on a campaign to introduce itself to all the major clean and wastewater treatment and supply companies operating in Britain.

Founded in Germany in the 1950s, the company pioneered an on-site spiral form, double seal system for constructing tanks. The tanks are built as a continuous spiral wall, which quickly and easily rises to the required height. The construction system requires little labour and minimal high level scaffolding. The Lipp double seal system helps ensure the tank construction’s strength and integrity and also guarantees a liquid or gas-tight seal.

Tank Design Technologies

The company’s proactive R&D department has patented over 170 different manufacturing, material construction and tank design technologies. Lipp has supplied tanks to a wide range of users, including the water industry, pharmaceutical manufacturers, oil and gas suppliers and agriculture. More recently Lipp has served the emerging renewables industry, helping it develop storage and processing solutions in many locations around the world.

Following its Achilles approval for supply to the UK and Ireland, Lipp has written to senior executives throughout the water industry introducing its comprehensive design, manufacture and supply service. One of the capabilities proving of particular interest is its ability to provide tanks in a stainless steel composite material called Verinox, developed by Lipp. This combines galvanised and stainless steel in a layered construction to provide a stainless steel tank liner without the expense of full stainless steel tank walls.

Achilles Approval

The Achilles approval complements similar European recognition through the TÜV standards. In Germany Lipp is recognised by the TÜV SÜD as meeting article 19 of the German Water Resources Act, which confirms the durability of its products, professional project execution and a high quality workmanship throughout their build process. Lipp’s TÜV NORD approval covers manufacturing and welding standards to DIN EN ISO 3834-2. Lipp is also certified to calculate and manufacture structural components and steel structures up to EXC3 class according to DIN EN 1090-2.

As well as free-standing new-build tanks, the Lipp construction system can be used in other projects, such as re-lining older concrete tanks to extend their life or increase storage capacity. The Lipp spiral tank construction method enables a complete stainless or galvanised tank liner to be lowered into a concrete tank, thereby reducing repair and maintenance on aged tanks or the considerable expense of tank demolition and re-build.
Lipp GmbH

Lipp supplies tank solutions for the anaerobic digestion, waste water, potable water & industrial processing industries. Providing anaerobic digestion tanks, gas accumulator tanks, storage tanks, pressure vessels & silos employing the Lipp System (engineered in Germany) with its unique dual-seam tank technology. Lipp in Germany has over 40 years of development & innovations, and over 50,000 tanks installed worldwide.

For more information about this new tank design, speak to an Lipp adviser today by calling +44 (0)1562 751436 or email [email protected].

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