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Watch: Bespoke pumping systems for complex water & wastewater applications

Bedford Pumps are a leading manufacturer of large submersible and conventional pumps. Their pump ranges cover between 100 litres/second up to 12,000 litres/second at 3m to 100m head. Over the years, Bedford Pumps have established themselves as a manufacturer of bespoke water pump systems for complex applications within the water & wastewater industry when traditional or conventional pumping solutions are not adequate.

Their ability to satisfy difficult demands and complex applications is what really sets them apart from other pump manufacturers. The PIF team had the opportunity to interview Frank Cooper about some of the applications where their bespoke pumping system have delivered great energy and cost saving results.

Company Profile

Bedford Pumps Ltd

Bedford Pumps are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of large submersible and conventional pumps to the water and wastewater industries.

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