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Want to rent a Temporary car showroom? With Spaciotempo you can!

If you’re in need of a temporary space then let Spaciotempo create a bespoke temporary building to suit your business’s needs, no matter the size. In this blog, Spaciotempo demonstrate how their temporary car showroom buildings are the perfect option for your retailing needs.

Hire a temporary car showroom

Car dealerships, for a number of reasons, might on occasion require a temporary car showroom. Whether you need a short term temporary fix, whilst your business undergoes a refurbishment, or a more long-term option until the unforeseeable future; Spaciotempo has a temporary car showroom building for you.

Temporary car showroom buildings from Spaciotempo

Spaciotempo can customise your temporary car showroom building to be a fully branded, professional environment that you can trade in just like a permanent showroom. Like most of their structures, Spaciotempo's temporary car showrooms can include a range of bespoke features to ensure your customers have the comfortable, high quality experience that they expect. These features can include lighting, temperature and even humidity controls to suit the nature of the cars in your showroom.

When you hire a temporary car showroom from Spaciotempo, you will find that their structures are quick and easy to install, meaning that your temporary car showroom building can be assembled ready for you to continue trading promptly.

In addition to this, they can add on facilities such as:

  • Offices
  • Customer waiting areas
  • Coffee shops
  • Storage

Spaciotempo's recent temporary car showroom work

Spaciotempo have provided temporary car showrooms to a wide range of businesses across the UK, including:

  • Peugeot
  • BMW
  • Jaguar Land Rover

Each of these projects had varying requirements in regards to the temporary car showroom building that they needed, which Spaciotempo were able to meet. For instance, BMW required a luxury, fully branded showroom. BMW dealerships all portray a professional, well-lit and clean appearance. So, Cooper Sunderland BMW required a temporary showroom that featured all of the hallmarks customers would expect to find at a permanent BMW car showroom and Spaciotempo duly delivered.

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