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Visit the Bürkert virtual exhibition from your desk

Have you ever returned from a trade show feeling that the meagre return on investment just wasn’t worth the time, expense and travel you put in to be there? Bürkert understands that visiting trade exhibitions has become somewhat of an expensive luxury in recent years. Which is why we’ve developed the Bürkert virtual exhibition; a fully immersive, 3D experience that lets you take a virtual tour of our latest products without leaving your desk.

Bürkert virtual exhibition

The rapid rise of the internet has led to the gradual demise of the trade show. Whilst exhibitions used to be one of the primary drivers for B2B companies to drum up new business, the proliferation of online marketing materials, rising costs for exhibitors and attendees, and subsequent drop in footfall, have prompted engineers to think twice about attending high-cost trade shows.

This trend prompted us to reflect on our own use of exhibitions. Whilst we are still very much committed to supporting selected trade show events, it became abundantly clear to us that we could offer an alternative experience that can appeal to a wider audience beyond the confines of an exhibition centre. So we devised a time-saving solution that entails zero cost, travel or effort for our customers to attend.

Developed by V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions here in the UK, the Bürkert virtual exhibition is an exciting new leap forward in the way we demonstrate our products. Virtual reality creates a completely simulated and immersive environment, which can be as similar or different to the real world as you like. Which is exactly what we wanted when we set out to create a virtual exhibition stand that users can visit without leaving the comfort of their desk.

A virtual tour of our products and services

As a technologically advanced, forward-thinking organisation, Bürkert is continually looking for ways to innovate. While that regularly results in developing pioneering new products, it also extends to how we communicate these breakthroughs. Kirsty Anderson, Marketing Manager at Bürkert UK, explains: “We wanted to create an online virtual exhibition that engineers can log on to whenever they like and see our products in a lifelike way without ever having to leave the office.”

As such, Bürkert created a digital trade stand that provides a virtual tour of our latest and greatest products. The realistic 3D-rendered exhibition stand is divided into eight sections, covering our four main product areas – water, gas, hygienic and micro – as well as new products, our eShop, the revolutionary FLOWave flowmeter, and systems. “Systems are a big focus for us at the moment,” Kirsty continues. “We want our customers to see us not just as a commodity product company, but one that can sell the whole control loop from beginning to end.”

Clicking on any one of these eight sections of the stand reveals a table laden with relevant products. Not only can you click on the product for a description of its specifications and the relevant datasheet, but you can also view demonstration videos and download product brochures. “There’s a brief overview and a link to the webpage if you wanted to go straight to the website to find a bit more information about it or even purchase it through the eShop,” says Kirsty.

Despite the fact that there is no-one physically staffing the virtual stand, we’ve developed product demonstration videos featuring the Field Segment Managers who would ordinarily be present. We’ve also made it easier to send our sales team a direct email to open up a dialogue about your application and product requirements. Plus, the latest version of the full Bürkert Select catalogue can be downloaded directly from the exhibition to view our entire product range.

Appearing at a virtual trade show near you

The Bürkert virtual exhibition will be launched as part of a wider virtual trade show featuring several other manufacturing exhibitors. This will enable users to take a virtual tour through the digital trade show’s stands and learn more about the companies and products on display – all at their own convenience. Bürkert’s own stand will also be available to explore through a dedicated portal on our website.

Already plans are afoot to expand and improve the Bürkert virtual exhibition further. We intend to eventually integrate the eShop directly into the virtual exhibition to enable visitors to purchase products without having to navigate back to the website. The exhibition will also be ported onto an Oculus Go headset to provide a fully immersive experience at sales meetings and training sessions. We also hope to link the virtual trade stand to our Canada office’s virtual brewery, enabling users to research our products and then see them in action.

For more information about the Bürkert virtual exhibition, or to discuss any of our products or services in more detail, please contact the Bürkert UK sales team today on +44 (0) 1285 648 720 or email [email protected].

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