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Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valve for reduced energy consumption in water applications

Energy saving is a topical and pertinent issue for all companies operating in the utilities sector. Utility companies are now targeted for installing innovative products which have a significant impact on energy consumption. So the Val-Matic Ener-G ball valve, which claims to be the best valve in the water industry for energy-saving, seems an interesting product to research.

The Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valve

The Ener-G ball valve is specifically designed and manufactured to control and reduce surge, whilst delivering significant energy savings.

Val-Matic Ener-g Ball Valve

The Ener-G ball valves inherent flow characteristics are highly suited to control flow and pressure. The most desirable flow characteristic for surge control is equal percentage, which means the flow rate uniformly changes during the full travel of the valve.  Non equal-percentage valves such as quick-opening gate, globe and plug valves, allow for much less control over flow and pressure, making the less desirable solutions for preventing surges.

Energy-Saving & Surge-Reducing Ball Valve

Ener-G Ball Valve in application

The Ener-G Ball Valve boasts other features which all contribute to the valve’s energy saving and surge-reducing characteristics:

  • Tri-Loc™ seat retention system – the seat is secured by 3 methods and provides positive mechanical retention of the valve seat whilst allowing easy replacement or adjustment, without removing the valve from the line.
  • Resilient seating - both single and double seated valves are available for sealing in one or two directions. When fully open, the resilient seat is completely out of the flow stream.
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coated – the valves interior and exterior are coated with NSF 61 fusion bonded epoxy coating for the highest level of corrosion protection ensuring smooth low surfaces and long life.

However, the most advantageous benefit of the Ener-G Ball Valve is its energy saving characteristics.

The Ener-G Ball Valve consumes less than 1% of the energy a globe-style control valve consumes. When the valve is fully open, the valve provides 100% clear flow area equal to the valve size. So the valve’s headloss is equal to an equivalent length of pipe and will represent a significant saving in pump costs. So if energy saving is a priority in a water pumping application, the Ener-G Ball Valve is the valve of choice!

To read about the energy saving characteristics of the Val-Matic Ener-G Ball Valve in a real-life application, click here.

Val-Matic have developed an Energy Cost Calculator, which allows users to input details about their proposed application and calculate the cost savings they will realise by installing Ener-G Ball Valves.

Company Profile

Val-Matic Valve and Manufacturing Corporation

Val-Matic Valve & Manufacturing Corp. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of check valves, quarter turn shut-off valves, air valves and foot valves for water/wastewater, industrial and building markets.

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