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Unique IO module for processing both voltage and current signals in one module!

Murrelektronik presents a new MASI68 I/O module with a special feature: This compact expansion module processes analog voltage signals and current signals in one module. Four measuring channels are available that can be configured individually. The main benefit of this IO module? It simplifies installations! Now only one module needs to be used to integrate installations using different signals.

Main benefits of MASI68 IO Module:

MASI68 I/O module

  • Decide yourself which of the four ports should be used for which signals, depending on your application.
  • Variably select whether the sensors are connected with a current range of ±4 to ±20 mA or 0 to ±20 mA.
  • Ultimate flexibility: Many of the MASI68 modules are expansion modules, they make it possible to easily integrate new components into the existing installation concept.
  • Quick installation: MASI68 modules are installed close to the sensors and actuators allowing you to use short M12 connection cables.
  • High efficiency: Data and power are transferred via unshielded, four-wire cables. Distribution is done without switches, which considerably reduces costs,
  • Reduced costs, reduced wiring and reduced space requirements: You are using one module instead of two!

Furthermore, compared to the competitors, Murrelektronik's MASI68 analog module is the most compact and rugged on the market. Its housing is fully potted, it's rugged and meets the requirements of IP68, which is ideal for applications in demanding environmental conditions. Consistent wiring with M12 cordsets make sure you can use it in all applications. A high-quality M12 shielded connection and a functional earth make sure that EMC interference does not impact the sensitive analog signals.

Distributed IO module

MASI68 easily integrates into decentralised applications

Decentralsed installations with MASI68 IO modules are very easy. They have a short installation time, are very flexible, offer efficient technology and are also very rugged. This makes them a viable solution for a wide range of applications.

MASI68 IO modules are easily integrated into higher-level fieldbus systems with gateways. Meaning, once a concept is designed, it can be used in like systems and machines without adaptation. Only the interface component has to be changed.
IO Module for distributed installations

This illustrates the principle “Change the control without havingto change the system” because the system installation becomes independent of the fieldbus.

MASI68 is an ideal IO module for the following industries and applications:

  • Machine Building and Plant Engineering
  • Packaging Industry
  • Logistics and Material Handling Industry
  • Assembly and Handling Technology
  • Automotive Industry

Industry Expert

Graham Traill

I have worked within the Control & Automation industry for over 35 years, specialising in I/O systems, Automation and Connectivity.

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