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Unique Emerson sensor uses ultra-bright LEDs for daylight diagnostics

Complex instrumentation can sometimes be rendered ineffective by the simplest of problems. For example, proximity sensors used in harshly lit environments, be that man-made or natural, can prove difficult to read. Not now with the launch of Emerson’s TopWorx GO Switch 7LY proximity sensor; the first sensor of its kind to use ultra-bright LEDs to make diagnostics and troubleshooting easy even in the brightest conditions.

TopWorx GO Switch 7LY proximity sensor

Emerson has introduced the TopWorx GO Switch 7LY proximity sensor, the first such device to feature ultra-bright, easy-to-see light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for highly visible position indication in bright sunlight. The new barrel-style sensor makes diagnostics and troubleshooting easier in challenging environments and hazardous locations.

The GO Switch 7LY sensor’s highly visible, dual LEDs provide visual confirmation that the device is getting power and that the switch is accurately sensing. The product’s hazardous area certifications, and ability to withstand temporary submersion, make it ideal for the process industries. For instance, the GO Switch 7LY is ideal for oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, mining, water and wastewater applications.

Emerson proximity sensors offer clear advantages

“Our customers told us that they are sometimes unable to see local notifications from their switches, particularly in areas with bright lighting or in direct sunlight,” said Jeff Jones, product manager for TopWorx GO Switches at Emerson. “The addition of exceptionally bright LEDs means that they can get a clear local visual indication of the sensors in action. This is a highly beneficial feature for manual valve and actuator applications in busy and hazardous environments.”

Emerson’s new GO Switch offering offers many advantages over other types of position sensors:

  • It gives process designers the flexibility to use the same sensor in various applications without having to specify different models.
  • The sensor’s polarity insensitivity eliminates the need to specify NPN or PNP products.
  • Its simple contact arrangement makes it easier to install.
  • A stainless-steel sensing face allows for additional robustness and reliability.
  • Its certifications for Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D; Class II, Division 2, Groups E-G; and Class III permit flexibility.

GO Switch proximity sensor integrates with TV-LED Switchbox

The TopWorx GO Switch 7LY sensor can be used individually or incorporated within the new TopWorx TV-LED switchbox to provide local, ultra-bright LED position indication plus an electrical signal/digital input that communicates valve position remotely to the control room or plant management system. With its 360-degree viewing angle, the TopWorx TV-LED Switchbox enables easy-to-see visual indication of a valve’s position at night, in low light or from long distances.

Emerson has designed the TopWorx TV-LED switchbox with the flexibility to accept other internal switch options such as reed and mechanical switches. The device can be ordered for monitor-only applications or with an integrated solenoid valve for on/off valve control. With its intrinsically-safe and non-incendive approvals, along with a wide operating temperature range of -50°C to +60°C (-58°F to +140°F), the TopWorx TV-LED Switchbox is ideal for general and challenging applications in the process industries.

For more information about the TopWorx GO Switch 7LY sensor, or any of Emerson’s other products, visit www.emerson.com.

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