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What is unique about the Buschjost range of solenoid and pressure operated valves?

MGA Controls technical engineer, Jon Birch, answers the most frequently asked questions regarding the Buschjost range of Solenoid Valves and Pressure Operated Valves. Read on to learn about the innovative and unique features of the Buschjost range of Process Valves as well as the patented 'Click-On' technology.

From the basics to the complex, read on to understand how solenoid valves and pressure operated valves work, the differing technologies behind the valves and the unique features of the Buschjost range of process valves.

What is different about the Buschjost range of valves?

The Buschjost range of solenoid valves is unique in that the valves across each valve type operate at the same maximum pressures regardless of voltage (Some other manufacturers suffer with pressure capabilities when using DC voltages). This is achieved by all coils simply being a DC coil but then using the correct rectifier plug, AC voltages can be used also.

The quality of the entire Buschjost range is unrivalled in the marketplace. Regardless of the material selections, Buschjost solenoid valves and pressure operated valves will exceed the life of similar competitor valves. Furthermore, a full range of spare diaphragms, coils and other accessories are available to allow you to keep your valves in perfect working order for years to come.

Many of the valves within the Buschjost solenoid valve range have an anti-water hammer device fitted as standard.

Of course, there is also the Buschjost patented ‘Click-On’ Technology.

Buschjost pressure operated valve

What exactly is ‘Click-On’ technology and how does it benefit the end-user?

Buschjost have a unique way of holding their solenoid operators on a valve using a clip attached to the valve body at the bottom of the core tube. To attach the coil you simply slide down the coil over the core tube until the clip latches over the top of the coil and into its designed recess. The coil is then secured without the need for any tools. Removal of a coil is equally as simple and again requires no tools. Swapping a faulty coil for a new one takes seconds, thus reducing down time and increasing productivity.

Does the Buschjost range include Gas Solenoid Valves and Water solenoid Valves?

Yes the Buschjost range covers most media and their range can be used specifically for use with Gas and Water. Please make sure you mention your application details in full to a fully trained specialist to ensure they specify the correct materials for your specific process. TUV approval is also something available with most of the Buschjost range of solenoid valves.

Buschjost solenoid operated valve

What about solenoid valves for hot water and steam?

If your application demands more than your standard solenoid valves for use with high temperatures, Buschjost have the valve for the job. Most competitor Steam valves cope with a maximum media temperature of approx. 185 Deg C - the Buschjost 85720 series can cope with a steam temp of up to 200 Deg C.

MGA Controls Ltd are fully trained in the Buschjost range of solenoid valves and hold high stock levels for both standard and specialist models. If you have a question that has not been answered here, ask us in the Solution Centre  or leave your comments below.

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