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Tips & Tricks: How Cube67 Hygienic Design can revolutionise your application

If you’re looking for an I/O system specifically designed for use in the hygienic industries, then look no further than the new Cube67 Hygienic Design. Manufactured with hygienic applications firmly in mind, this innovative I/O module features a stainless steel body for even the most rigorous hygienic environments. In this blog, PIF spoke to Murrelektronik to understand how the Cube67 Hygienic Design can revolutionise your operations.

This new hygienic design ensures that not only do you receive all the outstanding benefits associated with the original Cube67 I/O system, but you can now be certain of meeting the highest hygiene standards. If you require a hygienic I/O system for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical or medical industries, Murrelektronik has the solution.

An I/O system for the food and beverage industry

At PIF, we have talked at length previously about the advantages of the Cube67 system, such as cost-effectiveness, flexibility and its ability to slot straight into any system and talk to it. This level of compatibility is the reason it is the I/O system of choice for many customers of Murrelektronik and comes highly recommended by the experts.

As you’d imagine, the Cube67 Hygienic Design is also ingrained with these advantages. An important additional factor with Cube67 is that it is extremely simple to install. Having an I/O system for the food and beverage or other hygienic industries that is easy to install ensures that meeting hygiene standards is a simpler task than ever.

The Cube67's hygienic design

An I/O system for the food and beverage industries must be able to withstand the cleaning pressures of every environment. The module must be durable and reliable. Murrelektronik manufactured the Cube67 Hygienic Design with these stringent requirements in mind.

The key features of the robust Cube67 Hygienic Design include:

● Stainless steel housing
● V4A (1.4404) threaded sleeves
● IP69K rated - for use in any food zone
● Single cable technology
● Valve manifolds can be implemented cost-efficiently
● Short-circuit and overload protection
● Elevated installation to avoid any mould growth

The stainless steel housing of the Cube67 hygienic design and the V4A threaded sleeves make it possible for the system to continue working to the highest standard, even during the thorough cleaning processes required in the food and beverage industry. Cable materials are also specially manufactured to withstand stringent cleaning requirements, as well as ensuring that they don’t absorb the product or contaminate it in any way.

Not only does the stainless steel housing provide exceptional cleaning capabilities, but it also creates the potential for increased cost savings. In effect, the Cube67 Hygienic Design makes expensive stainless steel box terminals redundant, thanks to its robust design.

A common issue for the food and beverage industries is the complex parallel wiring required over stainless steel screens. This problem is eliminated with the single system connection that enables a direct process. The IO-Link master also provides the opportunity to implement valve manifolds cost-effectively.

An I/O system for hygienic applications

Not only can the Cube67 Hygienic Design make processes simpler for the food and beverage and other hygienic industries, but it can also be beneficial to other industries like FMCG and shipping.

“Cube67 Hygienic Design was originally designed for FMCG. However, it can also be utilised for the shipping industry to provide greater connectivity. There is huge potential for Cube67 to be used on ships, as well as just for making ships,” says Craig Cookson, Murrelektronik Applications Engineer.

For more information about how the Cube67 Hygienic Design could be the perfect hygienic I/O system for your application, contact Murrelektronik today.

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