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Tips for installing flowmeters to ensure problem-free operation

Tips for installing Flowmeters

If installed correctly, in a suitable application, flowmeters rarely need replacing. Re-calibration is usually all they will require. Many maintenance problems are generally due to improper installation, or installation in an application in which the flowmeter is not fit-for-purpose. These tips will help to ensure proper installation of your flowmeter; to reduce costs and increase longevity of your instruments.

Installing Flowmeters

Installation tips for flowmeters:

  • Ensure the flowmeter is full at all times – many flowmeter’s measure the fluid’s velocity and assume the whole section is full of liquid. If the flowmeter is not full, significant measurement errors can occur.
  • Do not install a flowmeter directly upstream of a free pipe outlet in a vertical pipe. Air could rise up through the flowmeter and could potentially cause measuring errors.
  • Do not install a flowmeter at the top of a piping system. Air could collect in the flowmeter, which could lead to measurement errors.
  • Install flowmeters in the lower part of the pipework. This ensures enough head pressure so that the flowmeter will stay full.
  • If the flowmeter is installed in an application where the pipe is not always full (i.e. wastewater application), the flowmeter should be installed in a siphon.

Care must be taken with instrument wiring, especially if the instrument is remotely mounted. Check the cable glands and wires for tightness, to ensure no water can enter the flowmeter.

Extra installation requirements or recommendations might exist with specific flowmeters, such as mass flowmeters. It is important engineers refer to installation manuals when installing any instrumentation into their application.


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