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Tips for Effective Maintenance of Pressure Sensors

Pressure management can be used to calculate a flow rate or level using various techniques. There are many operations in use for a wide range of applications. It is common for consumer to have difficulty during the commissioning stage. In most cases proper installation and cabling is the key to immediate operation. The following information is common to all types of pressure sensors.

Maintenance of Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors

Pressure measurement devices often do not require a lot of maintenance as they tend not to contain parts that wear easily. However, to prevent unnecessary costs or down-time, it is still worth conducting visual checks of the devices, periodically.

Visual checks for Pressure Sensors:

  • The cap and housing’s condition
  • The diaphragm’s condition – check for rips or tears
  • The water tightness of the cable gland – it should not leak
  • Condensation in the housing – there shouldn’t be any
  • Check the connections to the electric module
  • Check the seal – it should not be pressing on the diaphragm

We hope that these tips help you to maintain your pressure sensors, if you would like to find out any further information then please head over to our Solution Centre where we have a panel of technical experts on-hand to answer your technical questions.

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