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The importance of electrical safety awareness

We spoke to Monomer to find out all about the importance of electrical safety awareness. Ensuring the electrical safety of your workplace is definitely time well spent, and something that every business owner should bear in mind to ensure a safe working environment. In this blog, we’ve compiled Monomer’s top safety tips.

Protect your reputation

If one of your employees was to have an accident and receive an electric shock, then – if they are that way inclined – lots of people beyond those working for you might hear about it. This is especially true if the employee decides to quit and move on. Imagine your current and future customers hearing about the way you’d ignored the importance of electrical safety – it wouldn’t portray a particularly trustworthy reputation. Plus, what will future employees think? They could be put off working for you, which is something you can’t afford to let happen.

Importance of Electrical Safety

Avoid legal battles

If the worst did happen and an employee was electrocuted or – as horrible as it sounds – dies from an electrical accident, the chances of your business being hit with a lawsuit are high. This could be launched by the victim, if their injuries weren’t fatal, or – if they were killed – by their families. This again could severely damage your reputation and could have a damaging impact upon your company’s finances. Fighting legal claims isn’t cheap or easy, so consider this before shrugging off the electrical safety of machinery in your plant.

Value your staff

Paying attention to the principles of electrical safety will not only demonstrate that you truly care about your employees and their well being, but it’ll show you’re dedicated to running a safe, high-quality business. This could do wonders for your brand’s reputation; positioning you as a leader within your industry and as someone who isn’t just business-minded.

Comply with laws

There are many laws in action that relate to electrical safety for industrial facilities, not to mention how your building should be run. If you’re found to be breaking any of these laws, you could find yourself in really hot water with the law. To ensure you’re fully compliant with all related legislation, hire an expert in electrical safety. They’ll identify any problem areas within your workplace and advise you on how best to remedy each situation. They may even be able to help you undertake the necessary work, or at least recommend someone who is up to the job.

If all of this hasn’t convinced you of the importance of electrical safety, a quick internet search ought to. There is plenty of literature about safety with electrical equipment and plenty of news surrounding previous electrical incidents in the workplace. What are you waiting for? Get reading.

Monomer are leading suppliers of electrical safety products. If you require further information, contact them today by ringing 023 8022 6330 or email [email protected].

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