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The benefits of rubber and foam sheeting

Rubber sheeting can be used in a variety of industrial sectors and applications, including the automotive, defence and marine trades. In our latest article, PIF picks the brains of elastomer experts Monomer for some of the benefits of rubber sheeting for your business.

Rubber Sheet Where to Buy

There are various types and materials of sheet rubber. Your basic rolls of rubber sheeting will typically be 5m or 10m long, depending on the thickness of the material. Elastomer experts, Monomer, stock a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, making them the ideal solution for all types of rubber sheeting.

Benefits of rubber sheeting

Rubber sheeting can be applied in a varied range of applications. It is widely used in the home and in industrial environments, such as for protection on work surfaces; to create cushioning or bump stops; to cut gaskets from; and as scrapers and seals for things like garage doors.

Some of the benefits of rubber and foam sheeting include:

  • Safety for staff.
  • Safety in public areas.
  • Protection for equipment.
  • Ad-hoc sealing and gasketing.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Available to British Standards specifications.
  • Available in a range of materials suitable for a wide variety of settings.
  • WRC (Water Research Centre approved) materials available.
  • Materials designed for electrical conductivity or resistance.
  • Other than the ‘standard’ commercial grades of material, Monomer also have slight variations on these: very hard or very soft grades of rubber; very thin gauge sheets for specialist applications; rubber with insertions of various types for added strength or for use in diaphragms; as well as a variety of colours, dependant on the material selection.
  • Available in a range of colours making it a suitable option for commercial and retail purposes.
  • Can be cut into gaskets, washers and pads.

Where to buy rubber sheeting

One of the most celebrated advantages of rubber sheeting (and other sheeting materials, such as foam) is its versatility. For instance, it can be cut into different standard designs, such as pads, gaskets and washers. It can also be used as a protective sheet layer to cover a surface, such as on work surfaces in the industrial or commercial industry. Or it can be used as a lining.

Suppliers of rubber sheeting, Monomer, stock solid rubber sheeting in a range of materials, from commercial grades and BS (British Standard) specifications, through to military specifications. They can supply a broad selection of materials, across a range of thicknesses, which are available to purchase directly from their online store.

So, as you can see, rubber sheeting is an incredibly flexible product in every sense!

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