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The benefits of a dual temperature switch

Why choose a dual temperature switch? A vast array of features that make them ideal for multiple industrial applications for one thing. But don't take our word for it; Barksdale are a leading exponent of electronic dual temperature switches, including their cutting edge BTS3000. Who better to talk us through the benefits of a dual temperature switch?

Barksdale BTS3000
The Generation 3000 is the latest exciting series of temperature, pressure, level and flow sensor family in the Barksdale portfolio. Within that comes our BTS3000 electronic temperature switch design, featuring a wide variety of functions that make it ideal for multiple industrial applications.

A dual temperature switch loaded with features

First of all, the BTS3000 features a compact design that is approximately 110mm in height and 41mm in diameter. This allows for tight in-cabinet installations, whilst still maintaining a high degree of functionality. The large 14-segment, four-digit beveled LED display is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enables easy viewing from many directions.

For upside down installations, the internal software can rotate the display 180 degrees for easy viewing. The display housing and electrical connection are also both rotatable by 320 degrees. Installation therefore becomes simpler, more versatile, and cheaper. High levels of EMI protection also allow for stable signal output in today’s factories, where high powered equipment and walkie-talkies may be present.

Additionally, the IP65/IP67 environmental rated housing makes this unit suitable for the wettest of environments and even brief submersion. Temperature ranges on the unit vary from -22° to +280°F and standard process connections include the G1/4”M and 1/4” NPT M style. Plus, the BTS3000 offers transmitter functionality by supplying analog output signals of 4 to 20 mA and 0 to 10 VDC.

The BTS3000 is available in three handy configurations; dual switch, dual switch with analog output, or single with analog output. Setpoints and deadband are easily adjusted via a user-friendly menu, where hysteresis can be set up to 125 per cent of its measuring range.

What applications are suitable for the BTS3000?

The BTS3000 temperature switch is an ideal solution for temperature control applications requiring precision, flexibility and long life. They are commonly used in the machine tool industry, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, injection moulding machines, lubrication systems, construction machinery and the automobile industry.

Features and benefits

  • Measuring range: -22° to +284°F (-30° to +140°C) One or two switch points.
  • Analog output 4 - 20 mA or 0 - 10 V.
  • Display & electronic connection: rotatable by 320° Simple navigation menu.
  • Superior EMI protection.
  • 0.50% accuracy Enclosure Rating: Type 4X (IP65) / Type 6 (IP67).
  • cULus certified.

For more information about Barksdale’s full range of products and services please contact 01256 799721 or visit www.barksdale.co.uk.

Company Profile

Barksdale Control Products

Barksdale is an ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specialising in the control and measurement of fluids. Founded in 1949, Barksdale is headquartered in Los Angeles, with a UK office in Hampshire and a manufacturing facility in Germany.

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