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The Technology behind the Online Analysis System – the latest tool for water analysis and monitoring.

The Online Analysis System from Bürkert is the ultimate unit for the continuous analysis, monitoring and control of water. The Online Analysis System combines monitoring of all relevant measurement parameters such as pH, ORP, Chlorine, Conductivity and Turbidity in one compact-design, easy-to-install unit.

To read more about the features and application of the Online Analysis System, read Bürkert’s technical brochure here.

Online Analysis System

The Technology behind the Online Analysis System

Bürkert’s new Online Analysis System is based on the concepts of miniaturisation and modularisation.

Micro-Electric Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology

A key function in miniaturisation is Micro-Electric Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology, which is being used for the first time in this application.

Micro-electric mechanical systems are miniaturised components with structures down to the nano level that combine electronic and micro-mechanical structures in one chip.

Another technology is the use of miniaturised optical sensors for measuring cloudiness. The cloudiness of a liquid is a subjective visual impression that is caused by tiny particles. In addition to aesthetic reasons, cloudiness is an important parameter for water quality, since the particles can contain microbiological organisms, which can interfere with disinfection. In determining the degree of cloudiness the Online Analysis System uses detectors for transmitted light and scattered light, as well as laser diodes.

The pH measurement is conducted with ion sensitive field effect transistors (ISFET), which can measure the pH value of the water through the selective sensitivity for H+ ions of a field effect transistor.

Efficient Device Integration Platform (EDIP) device platform

The platform sets another standard with respect to handling. This is where the new Bürkert ‘Efficient Device Integration Platform’ comes into the picture, enabling a unified user interface, intuitive touchscreen concepts and interfaces with standardised communication systems.

The device platform is based on three pillars: hardware, software and communication. For the hardware, initially the two different concepts of System Connect and Compact Connect were implemented.

Technology behind the Online Analysis System
The structure of System Connect can be imagined as a valve island, in which single modules are mounted next to each other on a backplane. The Online Analysis System is the first product to use System Connect. In Compact Connect up to five modules are stacked on top of each other in one body.

The connecting link of EDIP is büS, a digital interface that largely corresponds to the CANopen standard. In the büS segment there is no master and all users have equal access and “listen” for the relevant messages on the büS. Address allocation is automatic. The message end user monitors its message provider and sounds an alarm if the latter fails.

Another important module of the EDIP is the Communicator. The MS Windows based software tool is made available to every customer as a free download from the Bürkert website. For example, one of its main features is that it can parametrise “blind” büS devices that are not equipped with a display and keyboard. The Communicator allows additional tasks such as license management for enabling special functions, as well as an oscillograph, data logger and customised functions.

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