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SWAN Analytical USA launches portable photometers

Analytical instruments manufacturer, SWAN Analytical USA, has launched a pair of innovative portable photometers, which deliver an impressive range of photometric measurements. The user-friendly CHEMATEST 30 and CHEMATEST 35 handheld water quality testing devices feature an IP 67 waterproof design, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and large internal data storage for a wide range of mobile water analysis applications.

With the introduction of the CHEMATEST 30 and CHEMATEST 35 portable photometers, SWAN has broadened its range of applications for handheld water quality testing devices. In addition to potable water treatments and public pools, these successor models to the well-proven CHEMATEST 20/25 photometers are now qualified for use in pharmaceutical production and food processing.

CHEMATEST 30 portable photometer

Primary improvements with the CHEMATEST 30 affect the area of application and user-friendliness. In order to comply with pharmaceutical and food industry requirements, every photometer is calibrated individually and its light source traceable to NIST standards. Traceable verification kits and glass cuvettes additionally assure reliable and safe utilisation.

The CHEMATEST 30’s menu-driven user guidance has been revised to simplify measurement handling, while its IP 67 waterproof design, its long-living, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and the large internal data storage make it the perfect handheld portable photometer for water analysis applications.

The CHEMATEST 30 delivers the following disinfectant measurements:

  • Free, Combined and Total Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Bromine
  • Iodine
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • pH (Phenol Red)
  • Cyanuric Acid

Features and benefits

Covering a wide range of relevant parameters in one handheld device has never been easier than with the SWAN CHEMATEST 30. The handy IP 67 waterproof design with removable cuvette adapter makes it the user-friendly companion for everyday operation in swimming pool applications, potable water treatments, pharmaceutical applications and food manufacturers.

The CHEMATEST 30 also offers the following additional benefits:

  • User management
  • Registration of sampling points
  • Bluetooth 4.0 low energy
  • Improved case with removable reagent rack

Applications for a CHEMATEST 30 portable photometer

Public Pools – All relevant parameters in one device. Using the proven DPD-method ensures precision and reproducibility. Saves maintenance time and costs for pool control and water treatment.

Potable Water – Verify your online measurements for additional security. Handy to use and suitable for even the most remote sampling points where there is no online monitor is installed. From the source to the distribution network.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences – Quick and easy QA/QC spot-check analysis to monitor the effective sanitisation of your pharmaceutical water for compliance. Provides confidence in analysis accuracy by using traceable absorption standards for verification of the photometric precision.

Food & Beverage – Compliance with hygienic regulations and guaranteed product safety by effective monitoring of disinfection processes.

CHEMATEST 35 portable photometer

The CHEMATEST 35 provides all the same photometric excellence as the CHEMATEST 30 but adds digital sensor connections, enabling pH and redox potential measurements. The CHEMATEST 35 shares all the same user-friendliness traits as the CHEMATEST 30, thanks to the trademark menu-based platform and AMI monitors. However, an enlarged range of methods and accessory measuring equipment set the CHEMATEST 35 apart.

Every SWAN portable photometer is calibrated individually and it's light source traceable to NIST standards. Traceable verification kits and glass cuvettes additionally assure reliable and safe utilisation. The IP 67 waterproof design, its long-living, rechargeable Li-Ion battery and the large internal data storage are just a few of the beneficial highlights that this all-rounder for users with the highest demands has to offer.

In addition to the photometric methods, the CHEMATEST 35 offers a digital sensor connection. The robust and long-living pH and redox potential sensors are suitable for measurements in heavily polluted samples. These digital sensors are equipped with integrated temperature measurement and are delivered with a high-quality protection vessel. They are also easy to operate, fast and economical to use.

For more information, visit www.swan-analytical-usa.com.

Company Profile

SWAN Analytical instruments logo
SWAN Analytical USA

SWAN are global leaders when it comes to the supply of online analytical systems for the water industry.

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