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Specifying the correct solenoid valve for your application

The type of solenoid valve most appropriate for each application is governed by a number of factors. Many of the solenoid valve components, such as the plunger, return spring and seals are all exposed to the media and therefore information on the chemical compounds, temperature and pressure are all necessary to make an informed material selection.

Which type of Solenoid Valve design?

In the case of solenoid valve design, the general rule-of-thumb is: Plunger-type direct acting solenoid valves are best suited to neutral and clean fluids, while pivoted armature solenoid valves employ a media-separating membrane and are therefore suitable for controlling corrosive, contaminated or aggressive fluids.

If the production process involves liquid food products, the plastics and elastomers used should also conform to the local food and hygiene regulations. In addition, some processes require a cleaning cycle to be performed in between production processes and so the data is also required for this procedure as well to ensure there is no undue material degradation caused by steam or cleansing chemicals.

For more information about selecting the correct solenoid valves, read this article about solenoid valve materials.

Solenoid valves in application

Design choices determine reliability

On the face of it, selecting a solenoid valve appears to be a simple enough decision, however, making the right choice requires an in-depth knowledge of the process under control as well as expertise in the materials and designs available. Bürkert Fluid Control Systems are solenoid valve market leaders. By combining the knowledge of the process engineer with the fluid control experience of Bürkert, customers can be assured of a high quality product that will deliver long-term reliability while also complying with the appropriate industry standards.

Bürkert not only designs a comprehensive range of solenoid valves to cover both standard and specialist applications, it also manufactures every component which includes the machining of the valve body, the injection moulding of the coil body and the manufacture of the coil itself. In this way, Bürkert has control over every aspect of the valve and so can guarantee its performance.

With over 60 years' experience in the design of solenoid valves, Bürkert continues to improve the technology and the materials used in their construction. The expertise in designing and specifying components for fluid control systems is available to every customer, ensuring that both the component and the application will perform as designed.

Company Profile

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems

Bürkert Fluid Control Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of control and measuring systems for fluids and gases.

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