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Spaciotempo temporary structures can keep your commercial project on schedule

PIF spoke to Spaciotempo – the UK’s leading temporary building supplier – to find out how their temporary structures are increasingly being used in commercial projects. Hardly surprising, considering that their modular commercial buildings
are economical, flexible, quick to install, robust and extremely high quality.

Temporary building structure

Spaciotempo’s peerless temporary buildings have been put to work in all manner of commercial projects. From ensuring a well-known supermarket chain wasn’t out of pocket during a large-scale refurbishment of their stores, to creating a storage facility to keep a construction company’s tram line extension works in Nottingham on track, Spaciotempo has all the pre-requisite experience and expertise to deliver results – whatever your construction project!

Insulated Temporary Facilities

ASDA’s rise to fame, from the merger of a group of West Yorkshire butchers and a dairy association in the mid 1960s to a £6.7 billion takeover by American retail giant Walmart in 1999, has seen the company grow exponentially over the last half a century. To the point where they now have 265 stores and 19 depots across the UK.

A recent restructuring programme saw Asda temporarily close twelve of its stores at once. Such an unprecedented move posed a significant challenge for Asda: how to maintain their existing service without inconveniencing their valued customers during this rolling programme of refurbishments. Each supermarket site would require a large insulated temporary facility, fitted out with air conditioning, power, chilled and ambient storage. Ambitious? Yes. Though Spaciotempo were up to the challenge.

Spaciotempo introduced five 15m x 55m interlinked buildings and a 5m x 55m unit to create an overall footprint of 80m x 55m – the equivalent of 4,400 m2 of retail space at each site. They installed twelve such temporary supermarkets in Sheffield, Tamworth, Great Bridge, Trafford Park, Hull, Cardiff, Aintree, St Helens, Kendal, Colchester, Merthyr Tydfil, Govan. That gave ASDA more than half a million sq ft of operational floor space; keeping their ambitious plans on schedule, without inconveniencing their customers.

Temporary Construction Buildings

When Vinci Construction were commissioned to extend Nottingham’s tram network by a further 17.5km with the addition of two new lines, they needed a temporary storage facility to store equipment, materials and the lines themselves ahead of their installation. Spaciotempo’s solution was to provide a 600 m2 single-skin Neivalu temporary building, which provided ample storage for the track and metalwork, as well as room for offices.

Thanks to all Spaciotempo’s commercial experience and manufacturing know-how, even the minimal elevation at one end of the proposed site posed no problem for our engineers. In a matter of just two weeks, Vinci was able to move its equipment in. “Vinci can now benefit from the flexibility of having a purpose-built facility, which can be moved around the site to meet future needs, or can be dismantled and erected elsewhere,” said Scott Jameson, Managing Director at Spaciotempo.

Building partnerships as well as modular commercial buildings

Spaciotempo collaborate with their construction customers to provide a custom-built solution for whatever specific requirements their application dictates. That includes taking care of all the temporary building regulations and planning permission for temporary buildings. Speak to them today about your temporary commercial building on 01889 569 569 or email [email protected].

Company Profile


Spaciotempo are the leading supplier of temporary buildings, temporary warehouses, temporary storage, loading canopies and retractable tunnels in the UK and Ireland.

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