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Why the FlexFlow range makes for a perfect solution for hygienic applications

In hygienic applications, a manufacturer’s success hinges on achieving maximum productivity amid perfectly sanitary conditions. Any contamination of products destined for human consumption can have dire consequences. Baumer’s range of FlexFlow flow sensors strike the perfect balance of high-performance monitoring and sanitary compliance.

Hygienic process solutions for sanitary applications

Sensor expert Baumer has cornered the market in hygienic process solutions for sanitary applications. Their flagship flow sensor for hygienic applications is the FlexFlow PF20H. This FDA-approved sensor works on the calorimetric measurement principle, which assumes that a body with a higher temperature releases energy into its environment in the form of heat, depending on the temperature difference and mass flow rate.

The FlexFlow PF20H differentiates between flow and no flow by detecting whether the medium is removing heat or not. A heated sensor is cooled by the liquid flowing around it. The degree of cooling detected by Baumer’s innovative sensor is directly dependent on the mass flowing past it. As well as the flow rate, the FlexFlow PF20H can also monitor the media temperature. Which is not only convenient but practical too.

All in one clever, and extremely hygienic, flow sensor.

Benefits of Baumer’s FlexFlow PF20H flow sensor

The FlexFlow PF20H flow sensor is designed for use with aqueous media in closed systems. Baumer has thought of everything when it comes to delivering a truly flexible flow measurement device for the hygienic industries; from the optional IO-Link interface that enables the centralised configuration of several parallel sensors to the various process connections and probe lengths available.

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Because the FlexFlow PF20H’s symmetrical and centred sensor design allows for optimal installation and alignment for precise measurements and improved process safety. The practicalities of using a single sensor for flow and temperature measurements that we alluded to earlier are several-fold. Not only does it reduce the number of measuring spots, but it also makes installation, operation and servicing much easier.

As well as its high degree of hygiene, the FlexFlow PF20H’s robust stainless steel housing integrates all of its electronics. Thus, eliminating wiring effort and cabinet requirements. The PF20H is also SIP-capable without restrictions up to 150 °C and is ideally suited to monitoring CIP cleaning agents, ensuring the cleaning speed in flow and return lines of CIP systems. Ideal for food and beverage applications, like dairy production.

If you’re looking for hygienic process solutions for sanitary applications, it’s a fair bet that Baumer has a sanitary process sensor for the job. For an all-encompassing flow and temperature measuring sensor that ticks all the boxes for FDA certified hygiene, precision measurement technology, and flexible installation options, the FlexFlow PF20H really does clean up nicely.

For more information, visit www.baumer.com.

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