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Singer Valve Single Rolling Diaphragm technology as a solution to water leakage

Single Rolling Diaphragm technology

This article describes Singer Valve’s Single Rolling Diaphragm technology in their automatic control valves as a solution for handling low-flow applications and overcoming the problem of water leakage.

Single rolling diaphragm

The Problem: Excessive water leakage

In periods of low-flow and high pressure, for example, during the night, traditional control valves situated in distribution systems experience ‘valve chatter’ or water hammer (which presents itself with noise and vibration in the pipeline). The traditional remedy is to install a smaller bypass valve to control the lower flows. This is extra cost, extra maintenance and extra hassle.

The Solution: Singer Valve’s Single Rolling Diaphragm

Singer Valve have pioneered the water industry by using SRD technology in valve diaphragm’s for optimal performance across a wide range of flows.

How does Singer’s SRD technology work?

Single rolling diaphragm technology

Singer’s SRD is a diaphragm which has a constant surface area no matter what the valve position is. This avoids injecting small pressure pulses into the piping, eliminating valve chatter and helping to prevent water loss and excessive leakage.

With water leakage a growing global concern, Singer Valve has produced the only automatic control valve suitable for potable water, which significantly reduces water leakage. The SRD diaphragm has incredible stability across a complete range of flows, in comparison to traditional flat diaphragms or piston-style valves.

Benefits of Control valves with Single Rolling Diaphragm technology:

  • It ensures optimal smooth control for managing low flow situations
  • It allows precise control down to virtually zero flow
  • It further reduces water loss and leakage
  • It allows for precise pressure management
  • Surface area of SRD remains constant so the valve bonnet is much smaller and lighter that flat diaphragm versions
  • Reduced scope for breakdown and therefore reduced maintenance costs

Do you know of an equivalent solution to the growing concern over water leakage?

Company Profile

Singer Valve Inc

Singer Valve manufactures innovative control valve solutions for the water industry.

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